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There are 47 author-names starting with R :
RADHA, R. Explode-Decay Dromions in the Non-Isospectral Davey-Stewartson I (DSI) Equation
RADWAN, Samir F. On the Fourth-Order Accurate Compact ADI Scheme for Solving the Unsteady Nonlinear Coupled Burgers' Equations
RAGNISCO, Orlando Bäcklund transformations for the rational Lagrange chain
RAGNISCO, Orlando Algebraic Extensions of Gaudin Models
Ragnisco, Orlando Superintegrable Anharmonic Oscillators on N-dimensional Curved Spaces
RAHULA, Maido Total Differentiation Under Jet Composition
RALOWSKI, Robert Statistical mechanics of a Class of Anyonic Systems. The Rigorous Approach
RAMANI, A Reductions of Integrable Lattices
RAMANI, A A Unified Description of the Asymmetric q-PV and d-PIV Equations and their Schlesinger Transformations
Ramani, A Contiguity relations for discrete and ultradiscrete Painleve equations
RAMANI, A. The Extension of Integrable Mappings to Non-Commuting Variables
RAMIREZ, J. Similarity Reductions for a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
RAÑADA, Manuel F Separable Potentials and a Triality in Two-Dimensional Spaces of Constant Curvature
RASK, Ole On the complexified affine metaplectic representation
RASULOVA, M Yu The Solution of Chain of Quantum Kinetic Equations of Bogoliubov for Bose Systems, Interacting by Delta Potential
RAUCH-WOJCIECHOWSKI, Stefan Triangular Newton Equations with Maximal Number of Integrals of Motion
RAUCH-WOJCIECHOWSKI, Stefan What an Effective Criterion of Separability says about the Calogero Type Systems
Rebelo, Raphaël Symmetry Preserving Discretization of SL(2,R) Invariant Equations
REDOU, Pascal Representations of the Conformal Lie Algebra in the Space of Tensor Densities on the Sphere
Refoyo, Ignacio A Model of Heart Rate Kinetics in Response to Exercise
REISSIG, Michael Lp - Lq Decay Estimates for Wave Equations with Time-Dependent Coefficients
REPETA, Victor Conditional and Lie Symmetry of Nonlinear Wave Equation
RETSNOI, Vitali Total Differentiation Under Jet Composition
REVENKO, Igor On Exact Solutions of the Lorentz-Maxwell Equations
RILEY, Andrew A note on the relationship between rational and trigonometric solutions of the WDVV equations
RIM, Seog-Hoon An invariant p-adic q-integral associated with q-Euler numbers and polynomials
ROBERTS, John A G The Hasse-Weil Bound and Integrability Detection in Rational Maps
Rocha, J. Leonel Symbolic Dynamics and Chaotic Synchronization in Coupled Duffing Oscillators
RODRIGUEZ, M A A Haldane­Shastry Spin Chain of BCN Type in a Constant Magnetic Field
Rodriguez, M.A. Partially Solvable Spin Chains and QES Spin Models
ROGERS, C Vortex Trains in Super-Alfvénic Magnetogasdynamics. Application of Reciprocal-Bäcklund Transformations
ROMAN, Olena Symmetry Analysis of the Multidimensional Polywave Equation
Romero, J. L. Integrating Factors and - Symmetries
ROSATI, L A Lie Symmetry Connection between Jacobi's Modular Differential Equation and Schwarzian Differential Equation
ROSATO, Anthony New Mathematical Models for Particle Flow Dynamics
ROSENHAUS, V Boundary conditions and Conserved densities for potential Zabolotskaya-Khokhlov equation
ROSSEN, Ivanov On the Integrability of a Class of Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Equations
ROYTENBERG, Dmitry Poisson Cohomology of SU(2)-Covariant "Necklace" Poisson Structures on S2
ROZIKOV, Utkir A Three State Hard-Core Model on a Cayley Tree
RUDRA, P. Contact Symmetry of Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation for a Two-Particle System: Symmetry Classification of Two-Body Central Potentials
RUIJSENAARS, S N M A unitary joint eigenfunction transform for the AOs exp(ia±d/dz) + exp(2z/a)
RUIJSENAARS, S N M Isometric Reflectionless Eigenfunction Transforms for Higher-order AOs
RUIJSENAARS, S N M Reflectionless Analytic Difference Operators III. Hilbert Space Aspects
RUIJSENAARS, S N M Reflectionless Analytic Difference Operators II. Relations to Soliton Systems
RUIJSENAARS, S N M Reflectionless Analytic Difference Operators (AOs): Examples, Open Questions and Conjectures
RUIJSENAARS, S N M Reflectionless Analytic Difference Operators I. Algebraic Framework
RUIJSENAARS, Simon A Nonlocal Kac-van Moerbeke Equation Admitting N-Soliton Solutions