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There are 45 author-names starting with Z :
ZABRODIN, A Whitham­Toda Hierarchy in the Laplacian Growth Problem
ZACHARY, W.W. On Asymptotic Nonlocal Symmetry of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
ZACHARY, W.W. On Shtelen's Solution of the Free Linear Schrödinger Equation
ZACHARY, W.W. Proper-Time Formulation of Classical Electrodynamics
ZACHARY, W.W. Proper-Time Relativistic Dynamics and the Fushchych-Shtelen Transformation
ZACHARY, W.W. Symmetry Classification for a Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
ZAKRZEWSKI, W J On CP 1 and CP 2 Maps and Weierstrass Representations for Surfaces Immersed into Multi-Dimensional Euclidean Spaces
ZAKRZEWSKI, W.J. Discrete Symmetry and Its Use to Find Multi-Soliton Solutions of the Equations of Anisotropic Heisenberg Ferromagnets
ZAKRZEWSKI, Wojtek J The Transition of 2-Dimensional Solitons to 1-Dimensional Ones on Hexagonal Lattices
ZAKRZEWSKI, Wojtek J Laplacians on Lattices
ZAKRZEWSKI, Wojtek J Solitons and Deformed Lattices I
Zakynthinaki, Maria A Model of Heart Rate Kinetics in Response to Exercise
Zakynthinaki, Maria The Point of Maximum Curvature as a Marker for Physiological Time Series
Zaman, F. D. On the Exact Solutions of the Nonlinear Wave and (omega)4-Model Equations
Zenchuk, A. I. Combination of Inverse Spectral Transform Method and Method of Characteristics: Deformed Pohlmeyer Equation
ZENG, Yunbo The quasiclassical limit of the symmetry constraint of the KP hierarchy and the dispersionless KP hierarchy with self-consistent sources
ZENG, Yunbo Quasi-Bi-Hamiltonian Systems Obtained from Constrained Flows
Zeng, Yunbo A new extended q-deformed KP hierarchy
ZHANG, Meng-Xia A supersymmetric second modified KdV equation
ZHANG, Youjin Deformations of the Bihamiltonian Structures on the Loop Space of Frobenius Manifolds
Zhang, Zhiyong Symmetry analysis for Whitham-Broer-Kaup equations
ZHAO, Jun-Xiao On a special two-dimensional lattice by Blaszak and Szum: pfaffianization and molecule solutions
ZHAO, Jun-Xiao An Integrable Coupled Toda Equation And Its Related Equation Via Hirota's Bilinear Approach
ZHDANOV, R.Z. On New Representations of Galilei Groups
ZHDANOV, Renat On non-Lie ansatzes and new exact solutions of the classical Yang-Mills equations
ZHDANOV, Renat Symmetry Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
ZHDANOV, Renat On Linear and Non-Linear Representations of the Generalized Poincaré Groups in the Class of Lie Vector Fields
ZHDANOV, Renat On Remarkable Reductions of the Nonlinear Dirac Equation
ZHDANOV, RENAT Antireduction and exact solutions of nonlinear heat equations
ZHDANOV, Renat Z. On Integration of the Nonlinear d'Alembert-Eikonal System and Conditional Symmetry of Nonlinear Wave Equations
ZHDANOV, V.I. One-Dimensional Discontinuous Flows in Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
ZHDANOV, V.I. Relativistic Two-Body Problem: Existence and Uniqueness of Two-Sided Solutions to Functional-Differential Equations of Motion
ZHEDANOV, Alexei Regular algebras of dimension 2, the generalized eigenvalue problem and Padé interpolation
ZHOU, Ruguang Adjoint Symmetry Constraints Leading to Binary Nonlinearization
ZHOU, Ruguang r-Matrix for the Restricted KdV Flows with the Neumann Constraints
ZHOU, Yubin A Nonlinear Transformation of the Dispersive Long Wave Equations in (2+1) Dimensions and its Applications
ZHU, Junyi The Generalized Version of Dressing Method with Applications to AKNS Equations
ZHU, Z N Non-isospectral lattice hierarchies in 2 + 1 dimensions and generalized discrete Painlevé hierarchies
ZNOJIL, Miloslav Should PT Symmetric Quantum Mechanics Be Interpreted as Nonlinear?
ZNOJIL, Miloslav Nonlinearized Perturbation Theories
ZUBELLI, Jorge P On Huygens' Principle for Dirac Operators and Nonlinear Evolution Equations
ZUBOVA, Elena A Dynamics of Soliton-Like Excitations in a Chain of a Polymer Crystal: Influence of Neighbouring Chains Mobility
ZUCCALLI, Marcela Noncentral Extensions as Anomalies in Classical Dynamical Systems
ZURR´ON, O. Integrability of the Perturbed KdV Equation for Convecting Fluids: Symmetry Analysis and Solutions
Zykov, Peter S. A two-point boundary value problem on a Lorentz manifold arising in A. Poltorak's concept of reference frame