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ABD-EL-MALEK, M.B. Internal Gravity Waves with Free Upper Surface Over an Obstacle
ABD-EL-MALEK, Mina B. Application of the Group-Theoretical Method to Physical Problems
ABD-EL-MALEK, Mina B. Progressive Internal Gravity Waves With Bounded Upper Surface Climbing a Triangular Obstacle
ABD-EL-MALEK, Mina B. Sound Attenuation in a Circular Duct of a Viscous Medium in the Absence of Mean Flow
ABD­EL­MALEK, M.B. Group Analysis of Nonlinear Heat-Conduction Problem for a Semi-Infinite Body
ABENDA, S Complex Angle Variables for Constrained Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
ABLAMOWICZ, Rafal Matrix Exponential via Clifford Algebras
ABLOWITZ, M J On a "Quasi" Integrable Discrete Eckhaus Equation
ABRAHAM-SHRAUNER, Barbara Provenance of Type II hidden symmetries from nonlinear partial differential equations
ABRAHAM-SHRAUNER, Barbara Hidden Symmetries, First Integralsvand Reduction of Order of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
Abraham-Shrauner, Barbara On the Origins of Symmetries of Partial Differential Equations: the Example of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
ABRAMOV , Viktor On a graded q-differential algebra
ABRAMOV, V Geometric approach to BRST-symmetry and ZN-generalization of superconnection
ADLER, Vsevolod E. On the Structure of the Bäcklund Transformations for the Relativistic Lattices
AGAFONOV, S.I. Application of Differential Forms to Construction of Nonlocal Symmetries
AGAFONOV, Sergey I Asymptotic behavior of discrete holomorphic maps zc and log(z)
AGREBAOUI, B Deformations of Modules of Differential Forms
AGREBAOUI, B. On the Cohomology of the Lie Superalgebra of Contact Vector Fields on S1|2
AHRENS, C D On a "Quasi" Integrable Discrete Eckhaus Equation
AKSENOV, N.N. Three-Generation Distler-Kachru Models
ALAIE, A The Numerical Study of the Solution of the 4 0 Model
Aldaya, V Quantum Integrability of the Dynamics on a Group Manifold
Aldaya, V. Coupling Nonlinear Sigma-Matter to Yang-Mills Fields: Symmetry Breaking Patterns
ALEXEEVA, N V Taming Spatiotemporal Chaos by Impurities in the Parametrically Driven Damped Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
ALEXEYEV, Alexander A A multidimensional superposition principle: numerical simulation and analysis of soliton invariant manifolds I
Ali, Sajid Complex Lie Symmetries for Variational Problems
Alzabut, Jehad O Existence of Periodic Solutions of a Type of Nonlinear Impulsive Delay Differential Equations with a Small Parameter
AMANN, Herbert Navier­Stokes Equations with Nonhomogeneous Dirichlet Data
AMEDURI, Marco Is the Classical Bukhvostov-Lipatov Model Integrable? A Painlevé Analysis
AMMAR, M BEN Deformations of Modules of Differential Forms
ANCO, Stephen C Erratum on "Some Symmetry Classifications of Hyperbolic Vector Evolution Equations": J Nonlinear Math. Phys. 12 suppl. 1 (2005), 13­31.
ANCO, Stephen C Some Symmetry Classifications of Hyperbolic Vector Evolution Equations
ANDERS, Igor Asymptotic Solitons of the Johnson Equation
ANDREEV, Victor Symmetries of Euler Equations in Lagrangian Coordinates
ANDREITSEV, Andrij On Remarkable Reductions of the Nonlinear Dirac Equation
ANDREYTSEV, Andrey Conditional Symmetry and Exact Solutions of a Nonlinear Galilei-Invariant Spinor Equation
ANDRIOPOULOS, K Symmetry Reductions of a Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation Arising in Financial Mathematics
ANDRIOPOULOS, K Some Group Theoretical Aspects of Nonlinear Quantal Oscillators
ANDRIOPOULOS, K The Economy of Complete Symmetry Groups for Linear Higher Dimensional Systems
ANDRUSHKIW, Roman I. On the Spectral Theory of Operator Pencils in a Hilbert Space
Aneva, Boyka Boundary Algebra and Exact Solvability of the Asymmetric Exclusion Process
ANGEL, Mauricio On the (3, N ) Maurer-Cartan equation
ANNAMALAI, A. Direct Method of Finding First Integrals of Finite Dimensional Systems and Construction of Nondegenerate Poisson Structures
ARAI, Asao A Class of Representations of the *-Algebra of the Canonical Commutation Relations over a Hilbert Space and Instability of Embedded Eigenvalues in Quantum Field Models
ARAI, Asao Representation of Canonical Commutation Relations in a Gauge Theory, the Aharonov-Bohm Effect, and the Dirac-Weyl Operator
AREANU, Mircea CRAS¸M First Integrals Generated by Pseudosymmetries in Nambu-Poisson Mechanics
ARRIGO, D.J. On a Class of Linearizable Monge-Ampère Equations
ARRIGO, Daniel J Nonclassical Contact Symmetries and Charpit's Method of Compatibility
ASSCHE, Walter VAN Analysis of Non-Linear Recurrence Relations for the Recurrence Coefficients of Generalized Charlier Polynomials
Atanasov, V. A. Fordy-Kulish model and spinor Bose-Einstein condensate
ATHORNE, Christopher A novel approach to the theory of Padé approximants
Atici, Ferhan M. Fractional q-Calculus on a time scale
ATKINSON, David Singular Scattering Matrices
Atkinson, James Solutions of Adler's Lattice Equation Associated with 2-Cycles of the Bäcklund Transformation
AYARI, M Iadh On sl(2)-equivariant quantizations