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Coupling Nonlinear Sigma-Matter to Yang-Mills Fields: Symmetry Breaking Patterns
volume-issue:   15 - supplement 3
pages:   91 - 101
  doi:10.2991/jnmp.2008.15.s3.10 (how to use a DOI)
M. Calixto, V. Aldaya, F. F. Lopez-Ruiz, E. Sanchez-Sastre
publication date:
October 2008
We extend the traditional formulation of Gauge Field Theory by incorporating the (non- Abelian) gauge group parameters (traditionally simple spectators) as new dynamical (nonlinearsigma- model-type) fields. These new fields interact with the usual Yang-Mills fields through a generalized minimal coupling prescription, which resembles the so-called Stueckelberg transformation [1], but for the non-Abelian case. Here we study the case of internal gauge symmetry groups, in particular, unitary groups U(N). We show how to couple standard Yang-Mills Theory to Nonlinear-Sigma Models on cosets of U(N): complex projective, Grassman and flag manifolds. These different couplings lead to distinct (chiral) symmetry breaking patterns and Higgs-less mass-generating mechanisms for Yang-Mills fields.
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