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Humanistic Soft Skills Learning For Generating Professional Teacher Performance
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  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research
  doi:10.2991/ictvet-14.2015.42 (how to use a DOI)
Siti Hamidah
corresponding author:
Siti Hamidah
publication date:
March 2015
Soft skill learning, humanistic, professional teacher.
Teachers are profesional workers. It means being a teacher is encouragement of soul through learning processes with standard quality. Mastery soft skills are a necessity also demand. Mentioned in the Constitution of Teachers and Lecturers, there are four pillars of teacher competence as professional. Soft skills which support mastery of competence in personality and social that impact on teacher professionalism confirmation. This paper intended to describe development of humanistic soft skill learning model that enables the emergence of mastery soft skills naturally. This model can be applied to pre-employ teacher education that provides space for the emergence of dynamic ability to interpret every learning experience as part of a formation of teacher professionalism. The impact of this model is expected with presence of teacher who is able to provide a sense of justice, has a good sense of humor, being fun and vibrant person, responsiveness to change, and ready to learn. This model requires lecturer to improve and develop their soft skills effectively through consultation and coaching.
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