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Participation of Surakarta Children Forum in Development Planning Deliberation: Between Bureaucratic Formalism and Human Governance
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  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research
  doi:10.2991/icse-15.2016.97 (how to use a DOI)
Sri Yuliani, Rahesli Humsona, Rina Herlina Haryanti
corresponding author:
Sri Yuliani
publication date:
April 2016
Participation, Children Forum, Bureaucratic Formalism, Human Governance
Surakarta Children Forum is an association of young people deliberately set up as a medium for children's participation in the development planning process. Children's participation in development is one important indicator of public administration paradigm that respects the rights of children. Using data from Surakarta Children Forum and Badan Perencanaan Daerah Kota Surakarta (Regional Planning Agency of Surakarta City), this qualitative research addressed two questions: firstly, could the Surakarta Children Forum serve as a means of giving a voice to children in the development planning; secondly, how far does bureaucratic formalism affect the participation of Children Forum in Development Planning Deliberation. The result of research found that Children Forum are not involved at all stages of development planning and their voices have not been fully accomodated in regional budget. Children's participation in development planning is still low due to the children do not have the awareness of children's rights and lack of ability to communicate and express their aspirations. Barriers to participation of children also come from bureaucrats who think children are not able to make decisions. To municipal government, establishment of Children's Forum understood merely as a formality to meet the demands of the rules, rather than to fulfill a substantial function as a medium for the aspirations of the child in development planning. The research findings prove that children’s participation in development planning in the city of Surakarta have not been able to manifest the fulfillment of children's rights (Human Governance).
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