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Cultural Barriers in Involving Children in Development Planning The Case of Surakarta Children Forum
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  Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
  doi:10.2991/icpm-16.2016.127 (how to use a DOI)
Sri Yuliani, Rahesli Humsona, Rina Herlina Haryanti
corresponding author:
Sri Yuliani
publication date:
July 2016
Children participation, Children Forum, Development Planning, Cultural values
Convention on Children Right mandates that children voice should be accommodated in development plan. In 2016, 52 Children Forums have been established in Surakarta City serving as a child participation medium, but in reality Children Forum has not been fully involved in Deliberation of Development Planning. This research wanted to find out the factors inhibiting child participation in development planning. This study was a qualitative research. Informants were selected purposively consisting of the Surakarta Regional Development Planning Board and the Agency for Community Empowerment, Women and Child Protection; builders of Children Forum; as well as the members of the Children Forum. Data analysis using interactive model of analysis encompassing : data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing. The result of research found that Children Forum was involved in development planning at village level only not at City level. The voice of Children Forum has not been realized into pro-children program. It was because of internal condition such as children's low awareness of their rights, low communication and decision making abilities, and less self-confidence. External condition resulted in it as well, cultural values establishing adults (parents, community and local government apparatus)'s point of view about the importance of children participation in development.
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