Exploring the Role of Size in Use Behaviour of Knowledge Management System: An Australian Study
volume-issue:   3 - 1
pages:   60 - 70
  1835-5269 (online) / 2213-7149 (print)
  doi:10.2991/itmr.2013.3.1.6 (how to use a DOI)
Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus
publication date:
April 2013
Knowledge management; Knowledge management systems; Initiation; Use behaviour; Business size; Partial Least Square (PLS)
This paper reports a recent study investigating the role of business size in use behaviour of knowledge management system. A knowledge management system use behaviour model was developed from Ventatash et al.ís 1 unified theory of acceptance & use of technology model, and the developed model was tested by quantitative analysis of a collected dataset in Western Australia via partial least square (PLS) approach. The results of this study indicate there are no significant relation between business size and the use of knowledge management system. This is contrary to the traditional literature on information systems which generally reports that size does matter in information systems/information technology adoption and diffusion. The implications of the study are highlighted and future research directions are discussed.
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