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Complex Lie Symmetries for Variational Problems
volume-issue:   15 - Supplement 1
pages:   25 - 35
  doi:10.2991/jnmp.2008.15.s1.2 (how to use a DOI)
Sajid Ali, Fazal M Mahomed, Asghar Qadir
publication date:
August 2008
We present the use of complex Lie symmetries in variational problems by defining a complex Lagrangian and considering its Euler-Lagrange ordinary differential equation. This Lagrangian results in two real “Lagrangians” for the corresponding system of partial differential equations, which satisfy Euler-Lagrange like equations. Those complex Lie symmetries that are also Noether symmetries (i.e. symmetries of the complex Lagrangian) result in two real Noether symmetries of the real “Lagrangians”. Also, a complex Noether symmetry of a second order complex ordinary differential equation results in a double reduction of the complex ordinary differential equation. This implies a double reduction in the corresponding system of partial differential equations.
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