Atlantis Press book series

All Atlantis Press series are supervised by outstanding scientists acting as editor or associate editor, each of them being an expert in one of the fields covered by this series. In this way a high quality of each volume in the series is guaranteed. Each new book proposal is evaluated by one of the series' editors and also the final manuscript needs the editor's approval before it will be published.

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Type of books

Together with Springer-Nature, Atlantis Press book-series publish monographs, edited volumes and text books.

All our over 115 titles can be found on SpringerLink.

Atlantis Press publishes the following book series:

General Science (encyclopaedia)

  • Scholarpedia


  • Atlantis Briefs in Differential Equations
  • Atlantis Studies in Differential Equations
  • Atlantis Studies in Dynamical Systems
  • Atlantis Studies in Mathematics
  • Atlantis Studies in Mathematics for Engineering and Science
  • Atlantis Studies in Scientific Computing in Electromagnetics
  • Atlantis Transactions in Geometry
  • Mathematics Textbooks for Science and Engineering
  • Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry


  • Atlantis Studies in Probability and Statistics


  • Atlantis Studies in Computational Finance and Financial Engineering

Computer Science

  • Atlantis Advances in Digitization Management
  • Atlantis Ambient and Pervasive Intelligence
  • Atlantis Briefs in Artificial Intelligence
  • Atlantis Computational Intelligence Systems
  • Atlantis Studies in Humanoid and Social Robotics
  • Atlantis Studies in Computing
  • Atlantis Thinking Machines


  • Atlantis Studies in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
  • Atlantis Studies in Elementary Particle Physics
  • Atlantis Studies in Mathematical Physics

Nano, material and energy

  • Atlantis Advances in Nanotechnology, Material Science and Energy Technologies.


  • Reviews in Sedimentology
  • Atlantis Advances in Quaternary Science


If you wish to propose a new book for any of our series, then please request a book proposal form at the following email address: