International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2016
Hongliang Liang, Lei Wang, Dongyang Wu, Jiuyun Xu
Pages: 137 - 144
Program bugs may result in unexpected software error, crash or serious security attack. Static program analysis is one of the most common methods to find program bugs. In this paper we present MLSA -- a static analysis tool based on LLVM Intermediate Representation (IR), which can analyze programs written...
Keisuke Hara, Takayuki Ito
Pages: 182 - 192
Demand Response (DR) has been extensively studied as one of the important features of smart grid. The DR strategies can be grouped into two categories, one is incentive-based DR and the other is pricing-based DR. Our work focuses on DR involving both pricing factor and incentive factor using scoring...
Chikatoshi Yamada, D. Michael Miller
Pages: 193 - 202
Verification is critical to the design of large and complex systems. SPIN is a well-known and extensively used verification tool. In this paper, we consider two tool chains, one existing, WSAT, and one introduced here, that support using SPIN to model check systems specified as Simulink Stateflow models....