International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 5, Issue 4, September 2017
Wei Kuang Lai, Mei-Tso Lin, Ting-Huan Kuo
Pages: 192 - 202
In vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), due to highly mobile and frequently changing topology, available resources and transmission opportunities are restricted. To address this, we propose a burst transmission and frame aggregation (FAB) scheme to enhance transmission opportunity (TXOP) efficiency of...
Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu, Naohiro Ishii
Pages: 203 - 210
In the current Internet system, there are many problems using anonymity of the network communication such as personal information leaks and crimes using the Internet system. This is why TCP/IP protocol used in Internet system does not have the user identification information on the communication data,...
Sami Alajrami, Barbara Gallina, Alexander Romanovsky
Pages: 221 - 232
Allocating tasks to distributed sites in Global Software Development (GSD) projects is often done unsystematically and based on the personal experience of project managers. Wrong allocation decisions increase the project’s risks as tasks have dependencies that are inherited by the distributed sites....
Shizue Izumi, Tetsuji Tonda, Noriyuki Kawano, Kenichi Satoh
Pages: 243 - 253
We propose a method to estimate and visualize effects of a binary covariate on the longitudinally observed text data. Our method consists of series of analytical methods: extracting keywords through a morphological analysis, estimating the time-varying regression coefficient of a binary covariate for...