Atlantis Press Becomes a Member of COUNTER

March 19th, 2018

As of today Atlantis Press is a registered member of COUNTER. COUNTER is a non-profit organization which provides the standard that enables the knowledge community to count the usage of electronic resources in a consistent, credible and comparable way. Supported by a global community of library, publisher and vendor members, COUNTER provides a Code of Practice that enables publishers and vendors to consistently and comparably report usage of their content. This enables libraries to compare data received from different publishers and vendors. COUNTER maintains a Registry of Compliance that lists the publishers and vendors who have passed an independent audit of their usage statistics and also provides guidance to those implementing the Code of Practice.

Libraries spend considerable amounts of money licensing different types of online content to support their user’s needs and need to assess user activity, in relation to this content, to ensure that this money is spent as productively as possible. The COUNTER Code of Practice helps librarians demonstrate the value of electronic resources by facilitating the recording and reporting of online resource usage statistics in a consistent and credible way. The implementation of the Code of Practice helps publishers and vendors support their library customers and provide statistics comparable with those of their competitors.

Zeger Karssen, Owner and Publishing Director of Atlantis Press, says: “Our membership of COUNTER enhances the credibility of Atlantis Press as a publisher and will help us to attract more customers in segments where we want to be active but where we are currently lacking brand recognition. It is also very important that libraries and academic institutions can trust usage statistics and can consistently rely on them for making strategic decisions.” It is expected that Atlantis Press will be fully compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice by the end of 2018. A complete list of COUNTER member organizations, including Atlantis Press, can be found here:

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