Atlantis Press Launches New Publishing Services Subsidiary

February 16th, 2018

Atlantis Press has today launched a new subsidiary company, Atlantis Press International B.V., which will be focused on the provision of journals publishing services and consultancy services to third-party STM journal owners such as learned societies and academic institutions. The company will be based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and will be headed by Remco de Boer, former Executive Publisher at Elsevier, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Zeger Karssen, Owner and Publishing Director of Atlantis Press, made this announcement earlier today: “With the launch of Atlantis Press International, Atlantis Press wants to play a more prominent role in the area of journals publishing by offering services to societies, universities, hospitals and other academic organizations publishing international scientific journals. While retaining full ownership of their publication, this enables such organizations to take advantage of Atlantis Press resources, systems and expertise to maximize their journal’s visibility and further development.”

Remco de Boer, CEO of the new company, adds: “Atlantis Press is currently already a successful STM Books and Proceedings publisher, but as yet still has only a modest journals portfolio. It makes sense for the company to focus on expanding this part of the business by building on existing infrastructure and capabilities. The launch of Atlantis Press International will enable us to achieve this by making use of existing relationships in the market. I am excited to lead this initiative.”

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