Atlantis Press Now a Signatory of the ORCID Open Letter for Publishers

November 9th, 2018

Earlier this week, Atlantis Press became a signatory of the ORCID Open Letter for Publishers meaning that we will be supporting the use of ORCID iDs in publication workflows and the linking of author names to their ORCID iDs during the publishing process.

ORCID stands for “Open Researcher and Contributor ID” and the ORCID iD is a nonproprietary alphanumeric code which can be used to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors and contributors. This addresses the problem that a particular author’s contributions to the scientific literature can be hard to recognize as most personal names are not unique, can change (e.g. through marriage), have cultural differences in name order, contain inconsistent use of first-name abbreviations and employ different writing systems. The ORCID iD solves this by providing a persistent identity for people in a similar way that a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) does for articles and other content-related entities on digital networks.

The ORCID organization, ORCID Inc., offers an open and independent registry intended to be the de facto standard for contributor identification in research and academic publishing. On 16 October 2012, ORCID launched its registry services and started issuing user identifiers. By connecting ORCID iDs to different research contributions across multiple platforms, ORCID helps to enable recognition, enhance discovery, reduce the reporting burden for researchers and lay the foundation for trust in a digital research environment.

With well over 7,000 journals already collecting ORCID iDs from corresponding authors, through all major manuscript submission systems, publishers are in a unique position to facilitate widespread adoption of ORCID. Indeed, researchers are most likely to encounter ORCID in publishing systems: about 75% of registrations occur because journals are asking authors to include their ORCID iD in new submissions. Researchers are also increasingly encountering ORCID in their university systems and many funders now recommend or require the use of ORCID in their grant application systems as well. Publishers that have signed the Open Letter are committing to requiring ORCID iDs following specific implementation standards. It is expected that Atlantis Press will complete the implementation of these standards before the end of 2018.

Atlantis Press ( is a global open access publisher of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content which was founded in Paris in 2006 and which currently has offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Beijing. The company’s mission is to support the advancement of scientific, technical and medical research by contributing to a more efficient and effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge both for the research community and society at large. The Atlantis Press content platform currently contains more than 85,000 published articles which are all open access and hence freely accessible.

ORCID ( is a non-profit organization helping to create a world in which all who participate in research, scholarship and innovation are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions and affiliations, across disciplines, borders and time. ORCID provides a digital name – or iD – that uniquely identifies researchers and other contributors to the research effort. By connecting this iD to different research activities and affiliations across multiple platforms, ORCID helps enable recognition, enhance the discovery process, reduce the reporting burden for researchers and lay the foundation for trust in a digital research environment.