Atlantis Press Signs New Books Co-Publication Deal with Springer Nature

January 1st, 2018

Effective today, Atlantis Press has signed a new books co-publication deal with Springer Nature meaning that Atlantis Press books will continue to be published in print and at the same time be available as e-Books on Springer Nature’s online content platform Springer Link. They will also be marketed as part of Springer Nature’s e-Book collections and as a result will be available in libraries and universities throughout the world.

The deal follows on from a previous 5-year agreement between Atlantis Press and Springer which already led to more than 100 Atlantis Press books being co-published, promoted, marketed and distributed through Springer’s online platform and marketing channels. The current deal thus extends this agreement with a renewed focus. “We are proud that Atlantis Press continues to join its publishing competencies with Springer Nature. The Atlantis Press titles are an excellent addition to our books portfolio.” says Jan Holland, Editor Mathematics at Springer Nature.

Zeger Karssen, Owner and Publishing Director of Atlantis Press, is equally delighted: “This co-publication agreement with Springer Nature will benefit Atlantis Press and our authors, as our books will be channeled through Springer Nature’s excellent worldwide marketing and sales network. At the same time, we can take advantage of Springer Nature’s innovative production and e-Book distribution systems. This will make our books accessible in any format to millions of readers worldwide.”

Atlantis Press ( is a global open access publisher of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content which was founded in Paris in 2006 and which currently has offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Beijing. The company’s mission is to support the advancement of scientific, technical and medical research by contributing to a more efficient and effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge both for the research community and society at large. The Atlantis Press content platform currently contains more than 70,000 published articles which are all open access and hence freely accessible.

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