Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer, Networks and Communication Engineering (ICCNCE 2013)

A Novel RFID-Based Wireless Health Monitor by Measurement of Acupuncture Bio-Potentials with Array Probes on Tags and Different Wearable Fixtures

JiumMing Lin, ChengHung Lin
Corresponding author
Active RFID tag. Flexible substrate. Bio-potential. Acupuncture point. Array probes. Wearable fixtures.
In this paper a bio-potential monitor system is presented, which relates more particularly to a bio-potential measurement system having wireless communication capability. The bio-potential measurement device includes a flexible substrate (e.g. an active RFID tag) configured to be fastened around a body portion, two probe sets attached to the flexible substrate, a measurement device, and a wireless device. One probe set includes micro-array probes with tip-portions to pierce the skin adjacent to an acupuncture point. Another probe set is used to contact the reference grounded skin. The measurement device is disposed on the flexible substrate and electrically coupled to the two probe sets to detect the bio-potentials at the acupuncture points. The measurement device can amplify and measure the bio-potentials across the acupuncture points and the ground. The wireless device, coupled to the measurement device, is configured to transmit the acupuncture code and bio-potential information to a remote monitor station for health analysis and care. Several wearable fixtures on the body are also proposed.
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