Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer, Networks and Communication Engineering (ICCNCE 2013)

A Power Control Based Cross-layer Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor networks

Jingqi Jiang, Peng Ji, Qiushuo Sun, Songyang Zhang
Corresponding author
Wireless sensor networks, communication protocol, cross-layer optimization, power control, spanning tree.
An effective communication protocol for wireless sensor networks should provide a good quality of service (QoS) for network data transfer, but the traditional layering protocol stack can’t sufficiently meet this complex requirement. So a new cross-layer communication protocol - directed spanning tree-based power control (PCDST) is proposed. In the algorithm, a directed spanning tree routing algorithm is discussed to resolve unnecessary energy consumption during data transmission. Regarded as a key factor, transmission power of node should be controlled to decrease the intensity of communication contention. A NUM model is constructed to control power. Based on Prim-dual Algorithm, a Lagrange dual function is designed and optimal solution set of transmission power is deduced. Make use of these cross-layer optimal schemes, WSNs achieve energy efficiency and smooth communication mode. The simulation results show that the performance of the proposed protocol is much better in energy efficiency and improvement of communication throughput.
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