Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Organizational Innovation (ICOI 2017)

Session: 2.1

5 articles

Analysis of Statistical Quality Control by Control Chart to Reduce the Variability of The Product

Ayi Tejaningrum
This study aims to analyze how the condition of process quality in the manufacture of "shoulder" as one of the spare parts of railroads in Indonesia. The methodology used is quantitative research with naturalistic alignment, process dictation tool is statistical quality control with p control chart and...

The Analysis of Influence of Job Stressor upon Performance and Turnover Intention of Broker-Dealer of Equity Securities in Surabaya

Bambang Hadi Santoso Dwidjosumarno
The long-term goal of this research is to make the Indonesian capital market equals/parallel to other capital markets in the Asia Pacific region. The research is conducted in securities companies which are Members of Indonesia Stock Exchange located in Surabaya City, East Java Province. The number of...

Discussion of the Measurement Invariance Across Gender in the Version of the Part of Responsiveness in Servqual Scale

Feng-ming Liu, Yun-chin Huang, Shih-lung Ching, Yu-jia Hu
This quantitative research was to examine the measurement invariance across gender for the part of Responsiveness in SERVQUAL Scale for retail chain stores business in Taiwan. The SERVQUAL Scale has become the most common questionnaire for investigating the perception of service quality in current service...

Empirical Study on Management Equity Incentive and Investment Efficiency Based on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies

Dong-ping Han, Cai-cai Guo, Yue Zhao
More and more listed companies are trying equity incentive in China, but there has not yet formed a unified understanding of the impact of equity incentive on investment efficiency. Based on the theory of management power, using the investment model of Richardson and choosing Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share...

Research on the Impact of Multi-source Intellectual Capital Information Disclosure on Corporate Value in the Big Data Environment-Based on Mediating Effect of Investor 's Confidence

Fu-sheng Wang, Bei Yuan, Cai-cai Guo
In recent years, Internet technology has been developing continuously. Compared with the disclosure of intellectual capital in the traditional environment, the disclosure in big data environment has become diversified from content to form. As the provision and dissemination of capital market information...