Proceedings of the 13th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2019 (IRES 2019)

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Techno-economic Evaluation Of A Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage To Support Integration Of Wind Generation On El Hierro

Eva Schischke, Annedore Kanngießer, Markus Hadam, Marcus Budt
In order to reduce the dependence on fuel imports as well as CO2-emissions, islands are switching from diesel to renewable generation. Energy storage systems are used to avoid curtailment of the renewable generation as well as to reduce cycling of the diesel generator. This paper evaluates the operation...
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Common battery storage for an area with residential houses

Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Till Paulzen, Alexander Stankiewicz
In this publication the technical benefits of a mutual battery storage compared to a solution with three individual battery storages is investigated. This has been done in the context of the EU funded project “GrowSmarter” in collaboration with Rheinenergie in the living area Stegerwaldsiedlung in Cologne....
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Business Models and Grid Impact of Energy Storages and Controllable Loads for PV-Self-Consumption at Prosumer Level

Basem Idlbi, David Stakic, Matthias Casel, Dietmar Graeber, Gerd Heilscher, Martin Fiedler
Many countries are experiencing rapidly increasing distributed generation (DG) of renewable energy sources (RES). Electricity self-consumption is currently replacing feed-in-tariffs (FIT) as one main driver of this development. A prosumer, who is a consumer and producer of energy through his own DG,...
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Heat pump and thermal storage sizing with time-of-use electricity pricing

Andrew Lyden, Paul Tuohy
Heat pump and thermal storage sizing studies require modelling to ensure capital and operational costs are minimised. Modelling should consider added flexibility, e.g. grid services, sector coupling benefits, e.g. utilising excess wind production, and access to electricity markets, e.g. time-of-use tariffs....
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Demonstration of German Energy Transition in Zwickau (ZED) - Presentation of Concept

Dimitri Nefodov, Shengqing Xiao, Thorsten Urbaneck
This paper discusses the general conception of a local district heating system for the implementation of a zero-emission quarter in Zwickau (living lab). The heat supply is to be provided by regenerative energy sources. For this purpose, solar thermal collectors, seasonal thermal energy stores, an electrical...
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Participating in the control reserve market with PV battery energy storage systems and power-to-heat application

Georg Angenendt, Sebastian Zurmühlen, Dirk Uwe Sauer
One way to enhance the penetration of renewable energies in residential homes is to use renewables in the heating sector. Integrated homes combine PV battery storage systems with heat pumps to use PV-generated energy for heating. During winter, storage systems and especially batteries in an integrated...
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Numerical Model of Lab-Scale Packed-Bed Thermal Energy Storage System

Burcu Koçak, Halime Ömür Paksoy
This paper presents numerical modeling of lab-scale packed bed thermal energy storage (TES) system. In the packed-bed with 0.30 m diameter and 0.90 m height, monotype storage particles developed from demolition wastes are used. Synthetic thermal oil is be used as fluid phase between 80 – 180°C. Schumann...
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Temperature distribution in a new composite material for hydrogen storage – Design study of different cooling concepts

Lars Baetcke, Martin Kaltschmitt
A newly developed composite material has been explored based on metal hydrides in combination with polymers enriched with highly porous carbon. As metal hydride, a RHC (reactive hydride composite) was chosen (e.g., MgH2 + 2 LiBH4). The hydride is infiltrated into the pores of the porous carbon suppressing...
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Numerical Assessement of Energy Storage Performances of Magnetite and Quartzite for CSP Storage Applications

Yousra Filali Baba, Ahmed Al Mers, Hamid Ajdad, Yaroslav Grosu, Abdessamad Faik
this paper pinpoints the thermal energy storage performances of two TESM, quartzite as classic thermal energy storage material commonly used in CSP and magnetite as emerged thermal energy storage filler material. The TES performances included charge, discharge and cycle efficiencies (utilization rate)....
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Experimental Characterization of Magnetite Under Thermal Cycling For Thermocline Energy Storage

Yousra Filali Baba, Ahmed Al Mers, Hamid Ajdad, Yaroslav Grosu, Abdessamad Faik
the present paper investigates the effect of thermal cycling on magnetite thermo physical characteristics particularly density, heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity. The purpose was to evaluate the stability of the TESM and to emphasize its suitability for thermocline energy storage...
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Optimal storage operation with flexible tariff under consideration of sector coupling and renewable energy sources in a new settlement area

Muhammad Tayyab, Ines Hauer, Christian Klabunde, Martin Wolter
Energy storages are important to manage the high amount of electricity generation from renewable energy sources in microgrids. Furthermore, the economic benefits of battery energy storage (BESS) such as self-consumption maximization have proven its feasibility. In the present paper, a settlement area...
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Optimal sizing and dispatch schedule of battery storage in grid-connected microgrid

Dinna Fitriyana, Thai Hau Vo, Phuong. H. Nguyen, I. G. Kamphuis, Dintani Y. N. Naimah, M. Donny Koerniawan
Battery storage can provide considerable benefits in renewable energy transitions. However, high capital and maintenance costs become the main barriers to its implementation. To overcome the challenges, using the battery storage in multiple applications and incorporating optimization method are proven...
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Power Quality in Smart Distribution Systems with Electric Battery, Large Loads and PV Generation.

Miguel Muñoz Ortiz, Idar Petersen, Ralf Mikut, Henrik Landsverk, Stig Harald Simonsen
A change in the electricity consumption is taking place, where one of the main reasons is the large increase in Distributed Generation, as photovoltaic (PV) systems and electric batteries in the low voltage (LV) distribution grid. This could translate in specific cases into a situation of increased peak...
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Batteries and pumped-hydro: Pooling for synergies in the frequency response provisioning

Louis Bahner, Achim Schreider, Ralf Bucher
Battery electric storage systems (BESS) are characterised by their fast ramping, pumped-storage plants (PSP) by their relatively larger storage capacity. In this paper the pooling of PSP (with ternary set) and BESS for the common provision of frequency containment reserve (FCR, primary reserve) is analysed....
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Topology and Efficiency Analysis of Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems

Anupam Parlikar, Holger Hesse, Andreas Jossen
Energy storage is an important flexibility measure to stabilize and secure the electrical energy supply system. Lithium-ion battery energy systems (BESS) are, owing to their characteristics, uniquely poised to support and augment the functioning of the energy supply system. It is crucial to identify...
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Using a Thermal Energy Storage to Provide Flexibility for Heat Pump Optimization Control with Rapid Control Prototyping and SG Ready Standard

Thomas Kemmler, Rainer Maier, Christine Widmann, Bernd Thomas
The coupling of the heat and power sector is required as supply and demand in the German electricity mix drift further and further apart with a high percentage of renewable energy. Heat pumps in combination with thermal energy storage systems can be a useful way to couple the heat and power sectors....
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Decentralized city district hydrogen storage system based on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to formate

Daniel Lust, Paul Rößner, Marcus Brennenstuhl, Elias Klemm, Bernd Plietker, Ursula Eicker
High fluctuations of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, require storage capacity to maintain supply reliability. For long term storage energy carriers to substitute fossil fuels must be found. The reduction of carbon dioxide to liquid substances such as formic acid or formate with...
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Optimization of Extended CHP Plants with Energy Storages — an Open-Source Approach

Jakob Wolf, Christoph Pels Leusden, Silke Köhler, Jann Launer
An extended CHP system in a characteristic future market situation with a share of 50 % electric energy provided by renewable energy sources is analysed using the open energy modelling framework oemof. Cost-optimal plant configurations are computed based upon assumptions for investments costs and energy...
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Capacity Estimation of a Utility-Scale Lithium Ion Battery in an Autarchic Environment by Comparing two Different Battery Models

Stamatia Dimopoulou, Julia Kohl, Corinna Klapproth
The autarchic communities are an attractive scenario that more and more local actors strive to achieve. In electricity autonomous cases a battery system stands as prerequisite to succeed renewables time shifting due to the intermittent nature of decentralized generation. In the present study the local...
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Battery Storage Systems in Various Types of Non-Residential Buildings for Peak Shaving Application

Elena Paul, Jakob Schäuble, Hamidreza Heidar Esfehani, Astrid Bensmann, Dirk Bohne, Richard Hanke-Rauschenbach
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are becoming increasingly attractive for German households together with photovoltaic (PV) systems to increase the PV self-consumption and reduce electricity costs. For large and power-intensive consumers, for instance, in the industrial sector, peak shaving with...
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Provision of cooling in Oman - a linear optimisation problem with special consideration of different storage options

Silke Köhler, Franziska Pleißner, Henning Francke, Jann Launer, Christoph Pels Leusden
The work analyses thermal and electrical solar cooling systems regarding the influence of energy storages using the open source tool open energy modelling framework (oemof). The systems are optimised with respect to lowest cost, considering various storage configurations and boundary conditions such...
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Bid Determination Method for an Electricity Market with State-of-Charge Maintenance of a Compressed Air Energy Storage System Using the Prediction Interval of Wind Power Output

Aki Kikuchi, Masakazu Ito, Yasuhiro Hayashi
The use of power from wind power plants (WPPs) has increased in recent years, and the power from WPPs can be traded in electricity markets. Operators of WPPs need to determine bid volume before the power is supplied to the electricity market. The bid volume can be determined based on the power forecast...
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Energy system design for deep decarbonization of a sunbelt city by using a hybrid storage approach

Oliver Walter, Matthias Huber, Martin Kueppers, Alexander Tremel, Stefan Becker
With continuously falling cost of renewable power generation and ambitious decarbonization targets, renewable sources are about to rival fossil fuels for energy supply. For a high share of fluctuating renewable generation, large-scale energy storage is likely to be required. In addition to selling electricity,...
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A Techno-Economic Analysis of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Combination with Micro CHP Systems for Single-Family Houses

Peter Stenzel, Nils Heyermann, Maren Wenzel, Peter Markewitz, Martin Robinius, Rolf Albus, Klaus Görner, Detlef Stolten
In this paper, the performance of battery storage systems in combination with micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems are systematically investigated by computer simulations for the supply of single-family houses in various settings. As input parameters for the analysis, energy demand-time series...
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A Novel, Scalable, Low-Cost and High-Efficiency Battery Storage System Topology

Arthur Singer, Cong Nam Truong, Martin Sprehe, Christoph Dietrich, Holger Hesse, Andreas Jossen, Hans-Jürgen Pfisterer, Thomas Weyh
Battery Storage Systems are increasingly deployed in the grid for commercial applications and ancillary grid services. Current state-of-the-art systems suffer from several drawbacks regarding safety, efficiency, and costs. This paper presents a novel approach that avoids major challenges for the production,...
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The Influence of Energy Cell’s Size and Generation-Load-Ratio on Economic Benefits

Michael Armbruster, Rüdiger Höche, Lukas Held, Martin Zimmerlin, Michael R. Suriyah, Thomas Leibfried
In this paper, results of the demonstration project Hybrid-Optimal are presented. The project partners are installing a hybrid battery storage, which consists of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) and a Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB), in an energy cell with high photovoltaic (PV) generation. First, this...