Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

Russian Business Strategy and Tactics on the World Market of NPP Construction (As Economic Systems)

Y Chernyakhovskaya, V Berezka
Corresponding Author
Y Chernyakhovskaya
Available Online 17 March 2020.
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Research encompasses up to date references and expertise on the world market of new NPP construction. An insufficient level of comprehensive scientific analysis of organizational aspects was noted considering the project life cycle of nuclear power plants (NPP) as economic systems and customer needs at the micro, meso and macro levels. It makes the analysis relevant for the nuclear industry and the development of sales methodology for high-tech infrastructure projects, as well as implementation of the pre-investment stage of such a project. The theoretical basis of the study provides a definition of sustainable development, which is the key to the analysis. The main part of the research contains a description of the methodology and research procedure: a systematic approach and a marketing analysis algorithm with elements of M. Porter’s “competitive diamond” methodology are used. In the description of the study based on the forecast of development up to 2040, the capacity of the target market for Russia is estimated. The market segmentation has been carried out. Most of the NPP projects are implemented in developing countries and “newcomers,” which seek to gain several benefits from the launch of the nuclear program. An analysis of competition led to the conclusion that there is a formed “buyer’s market,” competition has increased due to the new exporting countries of nuclear power plants. It is revealed that competitiveness is estimated at three levels: micro (NPP project), meso (financial and organizational model of the project) and macro (project effects on the economy, ecology, society). Local “optima” are not achievable; the success of the transaction on nuclear power plants (as an economic system) is determined by the integral assessment. The evolution of Russia’s positioning in the world market is analyzed, elements of Russian strategy and tactics are systematized: the strategy of integrated sales and phased penetration, which is designed to ensure the competitiveness of micro, meso and macro levels. Integrated sales, including the supply of nuclear power plants, fuel, service, training, etc., are a “derivative” of the needs of the recipient country of the nuclear power plant. The central place in developing a strategy is to define goals and values for stakeholders of a nuclear power plant project at the micro, meso and macro levels, which constitutes a multi-focus sales strategy. The requirements of the electricity sales market, financial and technological partners, determine the specific transaction features. The combination of a competitive strategy and a strategy for long-term cooperation makes up the hybrid nature of the sales strategy. Existing and prospective tactics include account management, customer analysis using the method of strategic networks, modeling of electricity sales markets, and a requirements management system. The presented business model of the sales strategy allows us to form a list of factors, methods, mechanisms, resources and corporate advantages that have a major impact on the success of the implementation of international projects for the construction of nuclear power plants by Russian general contractors. An analysis of each element of integrated sales, both separately and in conjunction with other aspects of the strategy, as well as a factor analysis of the competitiveness of these elements throughout the life cycle of the NPP project, is indicated as a promising direction for further research.
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International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)
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Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
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17 March 2020
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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