Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

The Impact of Toxic Management on Staff Burnout

O Koropets, A Fedorova, Z Dvorakova
Corresponding Author
O Koropets
Available Online 17 March 2020.
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The growing precarisation of labour relations makes it relevant to study toxic practices of human resource management and their impact on various aspects of employee well-being, including the development of the burnout syndrome. The article discusses various approaches to defining organisational toxicity, and analyses the current state of research in this area. The empirical research presented in the article aims to identify the relationships between the main elements of toxic management and employee burnout syndrome, using quantitative and qualitative methods: psycho-diagnostic tools and surveys by employees from various organisations. To identify the presence of toxic management elements in the organisation, the authors designed a questionnaire that allows evaluating the organisational environment according to five main categories. The results of the study confirmed the hypothesis that toxic management increases the level of work-related stress and affects the onset of the burnout syndrome that results from an unhealthy work-life balance, a negative emotional background, exhaustion and the lack of opportunity for employees to recover and use their personal resources. The study examined in detail the organisational toxins that employees of Russian organisations are regularly exposed to, and also identified the elements of toxic management, which trigger the development of professional burnout.
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Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
Publication Date
17 March 2020
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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