Publishing Consultancy

For third-party STM journal owners which are not looking for a (new) publisher for their journal, but which require support with journal indexation or other aspects related to the further development of their publication, Atlantis Press, through its subsidiary Atlantis Press International, offers publishing consultancy services in the form of conducting analysis, providing recommendations and supporting journal owners with the implementation of these recommendations for their journal.

Atlantis Press broadly provides two different types of service in this regard:

  • Basic journal consultancy package. This includes the preparation and presentation of semi-annual journal performance reports (i.e. two reports per year) together with recommendations for journal development. Each report together with its recommendations will be presented to the main Editors of the journal by an Atlantis Press Publishing Consultant. This will be done in the form of a Webex presentation once per year and through a physical face-to-face meeting with the Editors and/or Editorial Board once per year.

  • Full-scale journal consultancy package. This includes all services under the basic consultancy package above plus ongoing support throughout the year with regard to the implementation of the recommendations made in the reports. This can include, but is not limited to, support in getting the journal ready for acceptance in indexation databases (or to improve its metrics for databases where the journal may already be indexed), support in the application process to these indexation databases, support with the implementation of editorial and publishing ethics policies and standards, internationalization of the journal, etc.

Note that the exact nature of the support to be provided can always be customized to the specific needs of a journal and/or a journal owner's available budget. In order to tailor our proposal accordingly, an Atlantis Press Publishing Consultant will conduct a brief assessment of each journal (based on inputs to be provided by the journal owner) to determine and agree on the required services. What is relevant to mention in this regard is that Atlantis Press has an experienced group of Publishers and publishing expertise in-house which are well equipped to provide this kind of support. For more information about our publishing consultancy services and the procedure for enrollment, please contact our publishing team.