Growth and Form

Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2021
Research Article

1. The Möbius Phenomenon in Generalized Möbius-Listing Bodies with Cross Sections of Odd and Even Polygons

J. Gielis, I. Tavkhelidze
Pages: 1 - 10
In the study of cutting Generalized Möbius-Listing bodies with polygons as cross section, it is well known that the Möbius phenomenon, whereby the cutting process yields only one body, occurs only in even polygons with an even number of vertices and sides, and only in the specific when the knife cuts...
Research Article

2. A Note on the D-trigonometry and the Relevant D-Fourier Expansions

Paolo Emilio Ricci
Pages: 11 - 16
Considering the diamond, i.e. the square inclined at an angle of 45°, it is possible to define the analogues of circular functions and to construct formulas that translate the trigonometric ones. The relative D-trigonometric functions have geometric shapes closely related to the corresponding classical...