The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 2, Issue 1, October 2009
Shipra Banik, Mohammed Anwer, A.F.M. Khodadad Khan, Rifat Ara Rouf, Farah Habib Chanchary
Pages: 1 - 18
True information about rainfall is crucial for human activities such as the use and the management of water resources, hydroelectric power projects, warning to impend droughts or floods, urban areas sewer systems and many others. This paper investigates the development of an efficient model to forecast...
Ahsanullah M. Dewan, Siafullah M. Dewan, Shams Ara Nazmin
Pages: 19 - 32
The objective of this paper is to compare the use of ICT by privatized and non-privatized SOEs to enhance competitiveness and productivity. The paper in particular addresses issues related to: the opportunities of using ICT applications in the value-creating processes for SOEs, and challenges in adopting...
Shahriar Khan, Mabruka Toaha, M. Abdul Awal
Pages: 50 - 65
The existing land management system of Bangladesh, which is largely a legacy of the British rule of India, has resisted most attempts at change for close to a century. With millions of land-related lawsuits pending, and tens of millions of people named in land related lawsuits, land management has been...
Iftikhar U. Sikder
Pages: 66 - 79
Environmental planning requires integration of disparate geographic database and services in a distributed environment involving multiple stakeholders. As more and more mapping resources are becoming available, the Web is becoming a confluence of collaborative interactions, negotiations and planning...