The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2016
Arni Ariani, Vasvi Kapadia, Amir Talaei-Khoei, Junhua Li, Pradeep K. Ray
Pages: 25 - 36
This study aimed to explore challenges underlying seniors’ adoption of assistive robots. A systematic literature review involved three stages: the first two stages focused on identifying and selecting relevant papers, followed by extracting and analyzing data from selected papers. Analysis revealed several...
Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, Garry Egger, Gary Webb, William Smart
Pages: 37 - 49
Personal carbon trading systems (PCTS) have been hypothesized as one of the measures needing to be considered to combat global warming and reduce carbon emissions (references here). The research described in this paper examines baseline data collected as part of the Norfolk Island Carbon Health Evaluation...
Raza Ur Rehman Qazi, Ali Sher
Pages: 50 - 63
Many businesses are implementing big data applications to improve efficiency and performance; and reduce costs and resource consumption. As digitization has become an integral part of everyday life, data collection has resulted in the accumulation of huge amounts of data that can be used in various beneficial...