Journal of African Trade

Journal Metrics

The detailed journal metrics on this page provide additional insight into the performance of the Journal of African Trade in three key areas: journal quality, publication speed and journal reach. The information on this page can be used to help Authors select a journal when submitting an article for publication. For more information about these journal metrics, please contact our publishing team.

Quality & Impact

One of the most important reasons for Authors to choose a journal for submitting an article is its quality or impact. Impact can be measured using several different metrics which are often best used in combination. When comparing journals, note that not every metric is available for every publication.

Quality & Impact Metrics

Publication Speed

Speed of publication is a very important metric for Authors to determine the attractiveness of a journal for submitting their article, especially in fast-moving areas of research. The metrics in this section consider the speed of the editorial process and the online publication speed.

Exposure & Reach

Atlantis Press journals generally have a global readership and authorship. The metrics in this section consider the exposure and international nature of the journal by looking at the volume and global distribution of article usage and the global distribution of its Authors.