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Review Article

Motivations, Methods and Metrics of Misinformation Detection: An NLP Perspective

Qi Su, Mingyu Wan, Xiaoqian Liu, Chu-Ren Huang
Pages: 1 - 13
The rise of misinformation online and offline reveals the erosion of long-standing institutional bulwarks against its propagation in the digitized era. Concerns over the problem are global and the impact is long-lasting. The past few decades have witnessed the critical role of misinformation detection...
Research Article

A Framework for Named Entity Recognition for Malayalam—A Comparison of Different Deep Learning Architectures

R. Rajimol, V. S. Anoop
Pages: 14 - 22
Information extraction (IE) is the process of extracting relevant and useful patterns or information from unstructured data. Named entity recognition (NER) is a subtask of IE that identifies entities from unstructured text documents and organize them into different predefined categories such as person,...
Research Article

Analysis of Political Sentiment From Twitter Data

Sikha Bagui, Carson Wilber, Kaixin Ren
Pages: 23 - 33
A new method of approaching sentiment classification is proposed where the likelihood of word embeddings to produce useful information from limited Twitter data is studied. The novelty of this work is in determining how short corpuses (taken from Twitter data) are polarized to multiple axes with respect...
Research Article

Bangla Text Sentiment Analysis Using Supervised Machine Learning with Extended Lexicon Dictionary

Nitish Ranjan Bhowmik, Mohammad Arifuzzaman, M. Rubaiyat Hossain Mondal, M. S. Islam
Pages: 34 - 45
With the proliferation of the Internet's social digital content, sentiment analysis (SA) has gained a wide research interest in natural language processing (NLP). A few significant research has been done in Bangla language domain because of having intricate grammatical structure on text. This paper...
Research Article

Web-Based Turkish Automatic Short-Answer Grading System

Ebru Yilmaz Ince, Akif Kutlu
Pages: 46 - 55
In this paper, a web-based Turkish automatic short answer grading system (TASAG) is developed to score exam questions and to generate online exams for automatic scoring of short-answer questions. The novelty of this study is that TASAG is the first software of its kind for the Turkish language. The algorithm...
Research Article

Neural Dialogue Generation Methods in Open Domain: A Survey

Bin Sun, Kan Li
Pages: 56 - 70
Open-Domain Dialogue Generation (human–computer interaction) is an important issue in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Because of the improvement of deep learning techniques, a large number of neural dialogue generative methods were proposed to generate better responses. In this survey,...