Proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference of Asian Association for Public Administration: "Reinventing Public Administration in a Globalized World: A Non-Western Perspective" (AAPA 2018)

E-Musrenbang As A Means In Increasing Community Participation In Development Planning In Indonesia: Its Challenges And Obstacles

Teguh Kurniawan
Corresponding author
Teguh Kurniawan
community participation, e-musrenbang, development planning
The advancement of information and communication technology through the internet has offered a new form of participation and interaction between government and society so that in the end it can push the higher level of understanding and acceptance of society to government action. The condition achieved through the use of various e-government applications. This paper attempts to discuss how e-musrenbang applications implemented by some local governments in Indonesia contribute to increasing community participation in development planning as well as the numerous challenges and obstacles faced in realizing it. To achieve the objectives, this paper uses a qualitative approach with literature studies on some documents and data sources that discuss the implementation of e-musrenbang in Indonesia.
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