Proceedings of the 3rd Asia Pacific International Conference of Management and Business Science (AICMBS 2019)

In the era of information disclosure, management and business science has developed into a broad science, and can be developed in various fields of science. This is indicated by the application of management and business knowledge in the fields of technology, information systems and socio-culture. The development of this science must be addressed as an opportunity for researchers, academics and business people to expand and deepen the penetration of management and business knowledge in research, as well as real contributions in bringing up solutions to problems in society.

The real contribution of researchers, academics and actors in the fields of management and business has been proven by the high attention to changes in the current business environment. New topics such as start-up business, financial technology (fin-tech), digital products, industrial revolution 4.0 and global innovativeness are the main concerns in developing solutions to changes in global behavior. This great attention is the main theme in the discussion of management, nationally and internationally. So that there is a massive shift towards the current stream of research and community service. The shift must then be captured in a forum that can discuss and anticipate changes that are getting stronger in the future.

The Master of Management Program, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya as management and business education institutions consistently develops and constantly responds to the latest business development issues through the Asia Pacific International Conference on Management and Business Sciences (AICMBS). AICMBS is an international forum provided to broaden the knowledge and skills of participants in the social sciences-humanities, especially management and business in responding to changes, observing trends and anticipating forms of management and business in the era of post-disruption. The AICMBS 2019 is the third series of international conference activities after two conferences in 2013 and 2014. AICMBS has also consistently succeeded in generating thoughts in the field of global management and business.