Proceedings of the 2nd Aceh International Dental Meeting 2021 (AIDEM 2021)

Aceh International Dental Meeting (AIDeM) is a biennial international conference organized by Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK). The AIDeM activities are held on a biannual basis to advance science and technology in dental phyto-pharmaca and dental science to strengthen and facilitate publication in journal and proceeding as well as academic and practitioner components. Apart from disseminating the results of research and studies to the dental society, this international conference serves as a forum for fostering collaboration between local, national, and international researchers. This international conference featured keynote lectures, parallel sessions, e-poster presentations, and article publications.

The 2nd AIDeM conference was held online in November 6-7th, 2021. The theme of the conference focused on ‘Biodiversity in Dentistry’. This topic is in accordance with the research roadmap and the vision and mission of the Faculty of Dentistry USK. The objectives of the 2nd AIDeM conference are to upgrade and increase the advance science and technology that focus on biodiversity studies that can be benefit in dentistry. This event also promoted the publication of research findings and scientific studies in the field of dentistry in international journal and proceeding. The 2nd AIDeM conference focused on "Biodiversity in Dentistry" that include dental material, clinical approach, epidemiology, pharmacology, biomolecular, bioscience, biosafety (industry/home industry), oral medicine, medical science, prosthodontic, oral surgery, oral biology, pedodontic, periodontology, and endodontic. These are the sub-themes of the 2nd AIDeM Conference.

On behalf of the Faculty of Dentistry USK, we thank you for the cooperation that has been given at this conference. In addition, we appreciate all the audience and participants, especially the deans, vice deans, head of departments, the keynote speakers, the chairman of the event, the committee and the members, the reviewers, and all the rest that I cannot mention one by one who highly participated in the conference. Hopefully this 2nd AIDeM conference will develop the education system in line with the development of dental science. We hope this conference will contribute to improving the quality of dentistry globally.

Dean of Faculty of Dentistry
Universitas Syiah Kuala
Dr. drg. Cut Soraya, M.Pd., SpKG.