Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management

Strategic Research of the Crossing of the “Death Valley” in Newly-Emerging Industry

Jinsong Gou, Jinyu Li, Pingnan Ruan
Corresponding author
newly-emerging industry, Death Valley, cross, roadmap
Based on the four-dimensional perspec-tive of "science-technology-engineering-industry", the paper follows the general law of the growth of newly-emerging in-dustry to discuss its connotation, growth phases, technology innovation in different stages, and traits of market needs. The research focuses on the two “Death Valleys” in the development process of newly-emerging industry, analyzes crucial elements and factors to cross the death valleys, and then proposes to achieve the final survival by making use of technology roadmap and the strategy roadmap of industrialization of newly-emerging industry based on leading-market theory.
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