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Methodological assumptions made in research into the benefits of ecosystem services in protected areas in the suburbs of Wroc aw, Poland

Beata Raszka, Kalbarczyk Eliza
This paper presents the methodological assumptions made in research into ecosystem services in communes near the city of Wroc aw which lie within the protected areas of landscape parks and are subject to suburbanization. These ecosystem services were categorized as follows: services to humans (pati),...
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Locative Inversion and Temporal Aspect Marker –guo in Mandarin

Lu Lu, Hongming Zhang
This paper is to examine the relationship between locative inversion and temporal aspect markers –guo in Mandarin. Guo cannot be ignored or easily be considered the same as the perfective marker –le without thinking its experiential features, and such feature can prove the syntactic function of preposed...
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From the Perspective of the Theory of Charismatic Leadership to See How to Cultivate the Charisma of Class Tutors in the University

Jun Hou
the institution for class tutor of undergraduates is the combination of head teacher system of the class and the tutor system, the main purpose is to guide the students to know more about their majors, and to be better adapted and involved into the campus life. As one special organization, the class...
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Dong Sun
With well-developed financial, it has become a hot topic whether financial development affect the quality of the environment, but the relevant literature is limited. In this paper, empirical approach is taken studying the relationship between financial development and environment quality, mainly using...
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Benefit Relationships in the Process of Turning the College Students into Professionals in China

Jun Zou De
The process smoothly turning the college students into professionals is very im-portant for the community In China. Em-ployee’s income is the main part of the cost of the employer hire the employees. so, the employer’s benefit conflict with the student’s benefit In this process, The only solution is...
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The Effects of Household Conditions on Wife’s Employment Status in Hong Kong

Muzhi Zhou
This paper addresses the effects of household conditions on married women’s employment status in Hong Kong. Using population census data in Hong Kong, labor force participation and working wives’ earnings are examined to evaluate married women’s employment status. Findings from multivariate logit analysis...
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Research on the Relationship between Market Orientation and Performance Based on Multiple-Group SEM——Comparison of manufacturing and service industries

Guangsheng Wan
By using multiple-group SEM, this paper discusses the relationship between market orientation and performance. Comparison analysis of this relationship was carried on among manufacturing and service industries. The results show that market orientation and its three dimensions have significant positive...
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Probe in the Type and Operation of Online Hotel Distribution Channels

Xiaoli Yi
By synthesizing the relevant online resources, we find that the hotel online distribution channels can be categorized into four types according to the combina-tion of four groups: hotel group, indivi-dual hotel, tourist, online travel agent. Meanwhile,the operation of online chan-nels is mainly depending...
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Analysis of the Vocational Competence Formation Mechanism of Management Majors in Higher Technical and Voca-tional Colleges

Guangsheng Wan, Lina Wang, Feng Wang
Vocational competence is the foundation of work and future vocation development for students in higher technical and vocational colleges. This paper discusses the vocational competence formation mechanism of management majors in higher technical and vocational colleges. Through empirical study, it is...
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Self-assessment in Oral English Teaching

Lihui Song
With the development of the new curriculum reform in recent years, college English teachers have given more and more attention to the development of students' oral communication competence, but how to evaluate students' oral English competence has always been a headache for teachers. Based on the status...
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Study on Furniture Product Configuration Design from perspective of Traditional Pattern Symbols

Cong Ye
In this paper, cultural symbols of tradi-tional patterns were analyzed according to consumer demand. And modern furni-ture design method featuring generaliza-tion and concretization and configuration, reference and mutual fusion, restructuring and inheritance was discussed. It will provide scientific...
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Interpersonal Meaning-making in War Time Posters by A Multimodal Analysis

Qinqin Yang
Multimodality has become an exciting frontier of research. In this study, I de-ploy the Appraisal theory of discourse semantics within systemic-functional lin-guistics and the social semiotic approach of multimodal discourse analysis on im-ages and texts to analyze the interperson-al meaning-making of...
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The localization of Catholicism and a personal God-human relation in Chenwu, a Hakka village in South China

Di Shao, Tongxue Tan
The author conducted field research on the religious practices and spiritual worlds of Hakka Catholics in Chenwu Village of Heping County, city of Heyuan. The findings show that these Chinese Catholics have localized their religion as influenced by their rural village context. These Catholics follow...
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Research on Integration of Telecom In-dustrial Value Chain in 3G Times

Yan Li, Min Fu, Xiaoqiang Hu
In the process of rapid development of the telecom industry, telecom industry value chain is constantly fission, exten-sion and evolution. There are obviously evolution and change from communica-tion service of 2G era of traditional voice lorded to information service of 3G era laying equal stress on...
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The Bibliometric Analysis of Autonomous Learning Studies in China

Lina Wang
This study retrievals papers on autono-mous learning published in 14 key foreign linguistics journals from 1998 to 2012 in CNKI. By using bibliometric method, it conducted a statistical analysis of papers on autonomous learning in three aspects: research contents, research methods and subjects. The analysis...
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Chinese CALL: Theoretical Foundation, Current Practice and Future Directions

Xujun Tian, Chris Shei
This paper discusses computer assisted language learning (CALL) theory and practice for the Chinese language. It examines current advancement in Chinese CALL research and points out the inadequacy of the existing second language acquisition (SLA) theory to serve as the foundation for Chinese CALL research....
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The 2D Classification of Learning Motivation and The Analysis on Its Mechanism of Action

Lingling Zhang, Ting Zhang, Hongbo Ma
Learning motivation is one of the key components of individual learning motivation system. Learning motivation can be divided into Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation according to its sources. It also can be divided into Direct Motivation and Indirect Motivation according to whether it can...
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Triple Public Financial Appropriation - A Legal Corruption Hotbed in Chinese Public Expenditure

Guang-Yi XU, Xiao-Dan Qiu
Chinese economic boost rely on govern-ment investment, however, legal corrup-tion has been always hiding in huge amount of public expenditure, even start from 30 years ago after Chinese econom-ic reform. Triple Public Financial Appro-priation is one of the hotbeds for legal corruption that have been...
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Evaluation of a Mobile Assisted English Teaching Approach

Bing Li
This paper tries to implement a new teaching model facilitated by smart mo-bile phone that can motivate students. Under this new approach, students are supposed to be keener on English study, so that their English competence should be promoted. The comparison of pretest and posttest and the questionnaire...
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The Application of Markov Chain in China’s Market Economy

Qing-xin Zhou
The Markov Chain, Which named after Russia mathematician A.A.Markov, has been widely used not only in other branches of mathematic,engineering technique, but also in the social science, for example: economies, insurance, fi-nancial risk, risk manage theory and technique. Markov Chain was used to forecast...
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The Demographic Implications of Escalating Welfare Payments in Australia

A.R. Benson
This paper addresses the steady in-crease in Australian welfare beneficiar-ies. From 1979 to 2006, working-age welfare recipients on full income support increased from 5.6 to 10 per cent of the population. From 1996 to 1999, children of welfare recipients were found to be five times more likely to be...
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Work Values of New Workforce and the Relationship with Service Orientation:An Exploratory Study in Chinese Context

Kun Dong, Xiaoyi Wu
This study aims to identify the structure of work values of the new workforce (al-so called Generation Y) in the service in-dustry and to explore the relationship be-tween work values and service orienta-tion. A total of 246 valid questionnaires were obtained from undergraduates ma-joring in tourism...
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Cultural Dimension of Food Safety in Universities

Pingqiu Tang, Songyou Li, Yinghui Wang
Nowadays food safety has become a hot topic in Chinese society. Research shows that to maintain food safety we cannot only rely on government supervision and legal penalties. The establishment of food safety culture is the final approach to this issue. For universities, the management of food safety...
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The Swedish Maintenance and Services Market in Wind Power Industry —— Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Chinese Service Providers

Lihua Liu, Mike Danilovic, Maya Hoveskog, Fawzi Halila
This paper presents results from an investigation of maintenance and service market of Swedish wind power industry. Although the average number of disruptions per wind turbine only increased slightly from 2007 to 2009 in Sweden, the average downtime, the average electricity production loss and accordingly...
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Work Engagement: The Creation and Validation of a New Measure

Angus C.H. Kuok, Robert J. Taormina
Ninety-four full-time employees were surveyed for their work engagement in Macau, China. A newly created work engagement measure with three dimensions, i.e., Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Work Engagement, was tested for its validity and reliability. Divergent validity was tested with burnout, and...
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A Comparison of the Energy Policies in Developing Countries: a Case of Tanzania and China

Haji Iddi Salum, Wei Jianguo
This paper intended to compare energy policy issues in developing countries by comparing Tanzania and China. The comparison showed that there are differences in policy implementations between the two countries due to different levels of development and their pursuance of energy policies with different...
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Analysis on the Effect of R&D on Technological Progress in China’s Agriculture

Zipeng Yu, Yong Liu
Agriculture development is the foundation for propelling rural modernization stably and persistently, which is also an important way to increase peasant income. Because of agricultural resources draining out and ecological environment degenerating, technological progress is the key force to maintain...
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Competence Oriented Education System

Veselin Vukotic, Maja Drakic-Grgur
We live in the time when collective enti-ties of all kind are being crashed, when they go through invisible substantial transformation. The dominant social par-adigm is moving focus from collective to an individual. This paper analyses the influence of changing social paradigm on education system. Why...
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One and Two Samples Using Only an R Function

Ying-Ying Zhang, Yi Wei
We create an R function one_two_sample() which deals with one and two (normal) samples. For one normal sample x, the function reports descriptive statistics, plot, interval esti-mations and hypothesis testings of the means and variances of x. For one ab-normal sample x, the function reports descriptive...
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Regression Analysis on Chinese Agricultural Output and Its Influencing Factors Based on R

Meichen Dong, Yingying Zhang
Seven factors which influence China’s agricultural output are selected to analyze the relationship between agricultural output and the factors. Parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis are applied to build up the model. Multiple linear regression and principal component regression...
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Analysis and Prediction about Yields Rate of Security Investment Based on R Software

Lu Wang, Yingying Zhang
With the fantastic spurt of science and modern technology throughout the world, employing statistical techniques as the guidance of investment has become a new trend in finance field. R software is providing us a scientific platform for effective investment. Using R software as a basic tool, this paper...
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The Empirical Research on Knowledge Diffusion Mechanisms in Global Production Networks

Jinbo Wang
Knowledge diffusion mechanism in the global production networks(GPNs) is a model for the dissemination of knowledge in the networks. With such backgrounds, based on 143 samples of Chinese manufacturing firms, it carries out the empirical research on Knowledge Diffusion Mechanisms in Global Produc-tion...
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Interrelation between Customer satisfaction and loyalty in third-party logistics distribution

Rang Tsai, Yao-qiu Wang
As a case study on third-party logistics enterprise of department stores in Taiwan, firstly, this paper puts forward the architecture which includes the key factors of customer satisfaction and loyalty of the logistics distribution based on the instance investigation and literature study. Secondly, using...
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From the tribe to the settlement - human mechanism of Tibetan colony formation- In Case Luqu Gannan

Lucang Wang, Rongwie Wu
Tribal system and the regime has a long history in Luqu County. Tribal system laid the tribal jurisdiction, which is the basis for the formation of village range; and hierarchy of the tribe also determines the level of village system and the hierarchical size structure of village; Tribal economic base...
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Social Network Analysis and Its Developments

Xiaoxiao Deng, Guojun Mao
A social network is made up of a set of social actors and their ties between these actors, which have become an important research filed of sociology and its related studies. Together with the complex net-work concepts, it has formed many new methods and models. Based on infor-mation technology such...
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Study on Reading Service of University Library in Network Environment

Song Deng, Jun Wang
We study the reading service of university library in the age of network, information and digital. Along with the rapid development of information technology, network technology and digital technolo-gy, the work of library should be innovat-ed and changed, in order to adapt to the rapid development of...
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Information Push Service of University Library in Network and Information Age

Song Deng, Jun Wang
In the present paper, we study the infor-mation push service of university library in the age of network and information. Information push service is an infor-mation dissemination technology, and is a new kind of information service model in the network environment. Along with the rapid development of...
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Influence of the Emergence of Gait Recognition System on Human Society

Xin Chen, Tianqi Yang
As an emerging biometric identifica-tion technology, gait recognition is getting more and more attention from re-searchers. By researching the gait charac-teristics mainly when the target is walking, it realizes the recognition of target identity. As the unique feature in long-distance recognition of...
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The Case Design of Serious Games ——Taking College Students Civilization Etiquette Knowledge and Skills as An Example

Ling He, Xiaoqiang Hu, Jiugen Yuan
This paper introduces the definition of Serious Games, and the advantages of application of Serious Games in college Students civilization etiquette knowledge and skills. It also demonstrates how to design a case of Serious Game.
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Review on Knowledge and Knowledge Management from the Islamic Ethical Perspective

Nurul Izzah, Liu Yao, Noor Azlinna
Knowledge movement has been increasingly regarded as a vital indicator of competitiveness. This paper aims to explore the origin of knowledge movement from the perspective of Islamic ethics. It overviews the concepts of knowledge and knowledge management and comprehends its implications. The main method...
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Research on the Innovation System of Cultivating Postgraduates for School-enterprise Cooperation

Cheng-he Zhang, Cheng-shun Li, Yu-zhen Yuan
Through the study on the development course of school-enterprise cooperation mode, analysis of the present situation of the postgraduate education, this paper summarized the existing problems in the traditional education, and put forward the cultivation mode of the school-enterprise cooperation to train...
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The Beauty of the Transcending of the Humanity--Research on Maslow’s Self-actualization Theory

Hongyu Liu, Lu Han
Abraham Harold Maslow is a world-renowned social psychologist, personality theorist and an expert at comparative psychology. Maslow has also made great achievements in philosophy and literature. Maslow is a well-known scholars with his study of self-realization in the West.The concept of self-realization...
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The Explanation Effect Of Fundamental Dimension On Junior School Students’ Self-esteem

Xuejiao Li, Chongzeng Bi
In order to explore the explanation effect of fundamental dimension on junior school students’ self-esteem and try to figure out which kind of traits has more influence. We used Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale and an adjective list that involved vocabularies which were categorized into agency and communion...
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Application of Differentiated Instruction in FEM Course for Graduate Students

Rong Hong Cui, Yu Ting He
Finite element method (FEM) course is a very important specialized elementary course for many graduated students of different majors and it has been a chal-lenge for teachers to find teaching strate-gies that cater for such a variety of stu-dents. A paradigm that is gaining ground in many educational...
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The Design of College Faculty Personnel Information Data Administration System Platform

Jie Xiao, Rong Hong Cui, Zeli Ren
The college faculty personnel information data administration (CFPIDA) system platform transforms the personnel information into data, and sets up an impeccable testing & evaluating mechanism for college faculty. The Dynamic management of faculty information, as well as a complete database, overcomes...
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Language and Gender: Differences and Similarities

Lihong Gu
The relationship between gender and language has been studied with main focus on differences between the language of male and female from different angles with different methodologies. The research findings lay different emphasis on the differences, but there are some problems in the researches. This...
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Explanatory power of three-factor model on A-share market of Shanghai Exchange in China

Zijing Meng, Ronghua Ju
In foreign countries, Fama-French three factor model of size effect and BM (book-to-market) effect shows good ex-planatory power. As an emerging market, using three-factor model to explain Chi-nese stock market anomalies is worthy of study. This paper built portfolios of Shanghai A-shares and found size...
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Simulation and Evaluation Research on Influence of Performance of Market Structure from Business Innovation Combinations

Wusheng Zeng, Haoming He, Qing Zhao, Dingxiang Zhang, Yulin Zhao
This paper argues the theory of ‘Enterprises with market forces may make market outcomes inefficient’ and tries to doctrinal correct the theory. A assessment model is built to analyze the change effect of performance data from model structure caused by exogenous variables and the validation of the model...
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Perspective of Chinese soft power resources energy enterprises "going out" strategy Path

Hong Shi, LinKai Qi
Energy resources in our country enterprises "going out" strategy, theory and practice, based on the analysis of current situation, noting that in today's complex changes in the international environment, the hard power alone cannot achieve the "going out" strategy objectives, are required to pass increase...
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Chinese Exchange Rate and G3 Import Prices: A Coalition Game

Ning Zeng
This paper explores the multilateral trad-ing strategies between China and G3 through a coalition game. By investigat-ing the role of China’s exchange rate re-gime among multilateral tradings, find-ings highlight that China’s multilateral trading strategy with G3 is beneficial for each participating...
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Points, lines and surfaces in the construction of campus culture

Zhechun Ren, Ronghua Ju, Xiaoxiao Wang
Construction of campus culture (CCC) should follow the core value system of socialism and adopt the scientific meth-odology which is from “points” to “lines” and from “lines” to “surfaces”. It should persist in the pragmatic spirit which pays attention to “points”, the dynamic devel-opment philosophy...
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Research on Food security and Pricing on adjoining region of Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai Maritime University

Man Sun, Xin Jiang, Chaojin Wang
This paper aims to investigate the Food security and Pricing in the adjoining re-gion of Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai Maritime University. Investiga-tors came up with some suggestions about supervision and management based on the survey and analysis to profit local consumers.
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The Research on Regional Effect and Development Solution of University Cluster

Shuren Gao, Dan Song
University cluster as a common form of distribution for modern higher education, has great effect on the pace of regional economic development and regional competitiveness. University cluster helps improve regional innovation ability by gathering talents, increasing innovation effect, developing high...
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A Study on the Decorative Design of Qinzhou Nixing Pottery

Shao Qiang Ning, Juan Xiu Hou
As one of top-four potteries in China, Qinzhou Nixing pottery has a long history and unique characteristics. In the aspect of its production processes, through polishing and fantastic fambe Nixing pot-tery is full of antique flavor. However, there are many aspects to be improved in the development of...
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Analysis of the Application of Regional Cultural Symbols in Qinzhou Nixing Pottery Souvenirs

Shaoqiang Ning, Chuanqi Su
Qinzhou Nixing pottery souvenirs have been developed in recent years, with recognition and encouragement gained by winning awards in the national souvenir design competitions. For the general public, tourist souvenirs carry the memories of the scenic spots or cities they have visited. However, a large...
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Regression Analysis of Health Insurance Cost Affecting Factors

Xiaolong Huang, Quanfang Han, Shoaling Ge, Zhidong Zhang, Qihan Cheng
The paper selected the relevant data of 1999-2009 basic medical insurance for urban residents in China as object. By setting the relevant indicators, build multiple linear regression models and analysis the factors which affect the health care costs of China from two perspectives, that is, both sides...
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On The Causes and Counter Measures of "Welfare Dependency" Problem in China's Urban Minimum Living Guarantee System

Zhidong Zhang, Pengfei Li, Xiaolong Huang, Ke Jiang
Western developed countries encountered the problem of "welfare dependency" in the construction process of social assistance system. From our urban subsistence allowances system, this thesis Demonstrates that the "welfare dependency" problem in the context of western country does not exist in China's...
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Health disparities and inequalities: a study of migrant workers in Shenzhen, China

Ki Fung Kelvin Lam, Janice Mary Johnston
Internal migration has induced a profound shift on social structure across China, but the effects on health for migrants remain scarcely reported. In this study we set out to investigate the disparities in health and the potential healthcare inequalities for migrant workers in Shenzhen.
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Teamwork and collaboration among doctors and nurses in two public hospitals in China

H Xu, F Li, J M Johnston
The Work-related Collaboration among Doctor-Nurse Scale (WCDNS) was ad-ministered to 398 doctors and nurses working in one of two hospitals in Guangzhou to assess 1) inter professional (doctor-nurse) differences in collabora-tion and teamwork and 2) inter hospital (general-specialist) differences in...
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The heart in emotion

Qing-hong Pu
The present article attempts to explore and discuss conceptual metaphors and metonymies for emotions in the Chinese language with regard to the role of the body in emotions. The study on emotion metaphors and metonymies enables us to see how people of a given culture or dif-ferent cultures conceptualize...
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The role of the body parts in emotion

Qing-hong Pu
The present article attempts to discuss in detail how the Chinese language makes a principal use of the heart in the conceptu-alization of emotion. The role of some of the body parts in emotion will also be ex-amined and discussed.
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Analysis and countermeasures of salary incentive’s status quo in XXX performing arts group

Xiao-yang Zhou, Yu-yun Wang
This paper further research the incentive compensation system of the developing cultural enterprise in the new period, on the basis of the compensation mechanism research about the entertainers of one performing arts group.this article investigate compensation mechanism of the internal group entertainers...
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Discussion on the “Going out” Cross-Cultural Training

Yuan Yao, Hong Shi
As the society comes into the era of global globalization, the demand for resources and market of the enterprises is much stronger. The trend of international management among enterprises is inevitable, and the operation and management of cross-cultural also follow the international trend. But due to...
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Research of Employee Retention on Job Embeddedness Perspective

Yan Zhang
Employee turnover will bring high cost to organization and individuals. In organization, the most prominent problem is to attract and retain valuable employees. This paper breaks through the traditional model, introduces the job embeddedness theory, and explore the influence factors of employee retention....
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The Application of Theory of Habitual Domains on English Majors' Extracurricular Reading

Tao Chen, Caihong Zhao, Qing Zhang
Extracurricular reading is essential for language learning. Based on the sampling survey of seven universities in China, it is proposed that with the help of the guid-ance from teachers, the Theory of Habit-ual Domains can be of help for English majors to cultivate good habits of extra-curricular reading....
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Study on the negative influence of Internet media on pupils and its countermeasures

XiuQin Ji
The advantage and disadvantage of net-work media is discussed in the paper and the psychological processes on primary school students using online media and the significance of researching is ana-lyzed. Meanwhile, two aspects of net-work media and its negative effects on primary school students it theoretically...
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A comparison of CDIO-based medical education and traditional medical educa-tion at Yangzhou University

Jinsong Wang, Hongcan Shi, Weijuan Gong, Ying Zheng, Zhengbin Wang, Honghai Wu
Ability of sustainable learning and skills of medical students are important. We assessed the effectiveness of CDIO based medical education in Yangzhou Universi-ty. Sixty medical students at Yangzhou University volunteered to be part of a feasibility study for demonstrating the concept of CDIO. All medical...
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The development and validation of questionnaire to assess the collaboration and teamwork between doctors and nurses in public hospital in China

H Xu, F Li, J M Johnston
This study reports the development and psychometric properties of a Chinese in-strument to assess doctor-nurse teamwork and collaboration. 398 doctors and nurses participated in the study. Feedback from experts with international medical or nursing background and doctors and nurses working in hospitals...
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Thought on Design of Chinese University Campus under the Background of Internet Era

Jing Li, Xin Ma
Internet is the main characteristics of this era. Under the influence of internet, students’ codes of conducts and ways of thinking have undergone tremendous changes. Internet life made campus life and social life blurred and tempo-spatial correlation between teaching and learning vaguely outlined, and...
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Hong Kong MEP Review

Tianmeng Mao
After participating in HK Management Enhance Program, the first-hand experiences are introduced, which include experiencing the professional working environment as well as the corporate culture in the world top financial company in the areas of finance, consultation, marketing and human resources etc.
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Agricultural-Industrialization Financing System Based on the Perspective of Cooperative Economy

Feng Zhang, Yaning Li
Having analyzed development of Chinese agricultural industrialization and the rural financial system, this study explored the relationship between cooperative economy and agricultural industrialization financing system. In light of current development of Chinese agricultural industry, this study proposed...
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The Analysis for the Survey of Construction Status of the Class Tutor in the University

Jianshu Cao, Jun Hou
Following the development of popularization of higher education, and increase of the student recruitment of the university, as well as the implementation of the policy of credit system, the previous mode relies only on assistant for political and ideological work which is extensive management, as well...
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Research on construction site management of green and sustainability

Junyi Shao, Liangjian Cheng
Integrating the development of sustainable green ideas into the construction site management, for the problems and deficiencies of the construction site, through the establishment of a system of green construction site management framework, strengthen and improve the construction site management, propose...
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Development of Graphic Education in Modern Education

Xifa Yu, Likang Shao, Jipeng Liu, Yan Yu
Education comprises every social activity that improves people’s knowledge and skills and influences their ideology and morality. Society teaches men knowledge and behaviour codes, with which men can improve society itself. Graphic education studies how to cultivate and exercise graphic thinking, thereby...
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Research on System Reform and Mechanism Innovation of the Integration of Urban and Rural Education in China

Miantao Sun
The research on system reform and mechanism innovation of the integration of urban and rural education in China is proposed for implementing National Medium - and Long-term Plan for Education Reform and Development (2012-2020) so as to eliminate the gap between urban and rural education and realize the...
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Study on Sharing Modes of Teaching Resources in University Town

Mei Hua Shi, Hai Sheng Zhang
One after another university town has been built nationwide up to date since the turn of 21st century. Sharing teaching resources, an important idea in the process of programming and designing of the university towns, has been enhancing gradually in various university Towns. the sharing includes the...
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Emergency procurement risk assessment Based on Matrix evaluation Method

Libo Xi, Yuanli Zhao, FanQin Meng
Emergency procurement risk control is a key aspect in material supply of coping with public emergency. Aiming at the features of emergency procurement, a risk assessment model is constructed by matrix evaluation method according to the risk classifications of emergency procurement. It is proved that...
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Analysis of Benefits and Drawbacks of Network Teaching Platform of College English--- A Case Study of Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Xiaoqing Sun
Online teaching, as a new type of auxiliary teaching methods, is an important part of the current higher education reform. This paper takes the network teaching platform --- “Curriculum Center” of Shanghai University of Engineering Science for example, explores its benefits and drawbacks in College English...
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Unconventional emergencies precontrol management mode based on immunology

Fan Yang, Qing Yang, Xingxing Liu
Firstly, This article analyzed the general process of immune surveillance and re-sponse. And then combined with the bio-logical immune process, the nature of risk identification and prevention about the unconventional emergencies was ana-lyzed too. Furthermore, the main mode of unconventional emergency...
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The Way of Mankind’s Existence and Development in Mohist Perspective

Wujin Yang
Mohism plays an important role in resolving the problems which today’s mankind are faced with in their existence and development. Mohist theory of universal love is the significant guidance of dealing with the interpersonal relationships; Mohist thought of moderation in use is a vital caution to the...
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Research on Power Coal Supplier Selection Based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Shaomei Yang, Rui Wang
In the circumstance of supply chain management, the coal suppliers, as the upper reaches of the power coal supply chain, have a direct influence to thermal power enterprises. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine suitable power coal suppliers effectively. Firstly, this paper, according to...
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The Social Reading Model with Virtual and Actual Combination

Yonghai Yu, Lingling Yu, Jihong Zhu
social reading is a brand new reading mode which focuses on the reader and emphasizes on such social activities as sharing, interaction and communication. Born out of the booming social network, social reading can optimize the reading value and render the reading as a more effective and social activity....
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Analysis on current situation and coun-termeasures of autistic children’s rehabilitation in China

Yun Xu, Jian Yang, Wen-feng Xu, Dan Xu
The prevalence rate of autism had in-creased significantly, and the social de-mand for autism rehabilitation is also in-creasing. This paper mainly discusses the current situation of the autistic children’s rehabilitation and the plight of de-veloping it, and puts forward some countermeasures for developing...
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Study on the postgraduate information literacy education in the library

Liyan Yuan, Zhijun Han, Liqiang Gao
Beginning from the conception of the information literacy, the article expounds the present situation of the postgraduate information literacy education.It proposes we should estbalish the postgraduate information literacy education system from the library entrance education, information literacy curriculum,...
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Trends of Web 2.0: Get close to Social Media

Mingfang Zhu, Qian Wang
The development of Web 2.0 will bring us into a new era. The advantage of Furthermore the development of Web 2.0 will give rise to the presence of social media: namely instant messages, social networking services, blog and micro—blogging which are the most important social media tools by now. Due to...
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Three interpretations for “three mountains crown” decorative graphic in Han Dynasty

Yan Chang
This article takes deeply discussion and analysis into the relationships between “three mountains crown” decorative graphic in Han Dynasty with Kunlun mountain, oversea three sacred mountains, ancestor worship and fire worship respectively, in order to get the gradually forming meaning during long history...
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Theoretical Research on Interest Transfer of Allocating Resources under the Background of Pyramid Structure and Development in China

Daqin Wu, Rong Wang
Ultimate controller can control several times of its size’ resources and many co- mpanies with fewer resources, by using the pyramid shareholding structure, and these resources are allocated among the member companies. In the controlled company, there is interest transfer in the allocating resource,...
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The Research of Liberal Arts Practice Teaching Mode Based on Cyber Role-Play

Meifang Chen, Yan Li
With the arriving era of Chinese popular higher education, the students majored in liberal arts have to obtain more and more practical skills and the development of applied arts majors has taken more and more attention. In order to adapt the de-velopment trend of liberal arts talent training in the new...
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A Preliminary Study for Public Service and Commercial Operations of Digital Culture Resources in Parallel Mutually Beneficial Operating Mode

YaNan Gao, YiChun Zhang, Rui Qi, MiaoLai Zhou
Now with the rapid development of internet and information technology, the cultural resources of digitization is more and more attention, however, the construction is a long-term process, just relay on national investment is difficult to realize the development of sustainable. This paper studied the...
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Study on Lu Xun’s Translation Activities from the Perspective of Ecotranslatology

Yi Liu, Xiufang Li
Recently the academia tends to regard Lu Xun as a translator more than a writer. Lu Xun’s translation activities are closely related to Chinese historical and social environment in his time. It should be studied from the perspective of eco-translatology. This paper first introduces Lu Xun’s translation...
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The Exploration of the Teaching Mode Reform of the Basic Computer Courses for Non-Computer Majors---2010GZ083: the Key Project of 11th Five-Year-Plan of Shandong Province Education and Science

Qian Gao, Yushui Geng, Aizhang Guo, Yan Pan, Aimin Li
The current "one size fits all" and "zero" teaching methods in computer are clearly not suitable for the demands of the development of the current situation of higher education in information age. In this paper, I explored the teaching mode reform of the basic computer course for non-computer majors,...
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The Implementation and Results of The "Task Driven" Teaching Method in The "electrics and electronics Electrician Foundation" Course of Higher Vocational

Zuohua Xu, Li Zhao
The "task driven" teaching method is the interactive teaching that in order to solve problems and complete the task as the main line, the teacher as dominant, students as the main body. The inquiry learning will instead of reproducing style teaching. the "task driven" teaching method will have a significant...
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Study on the Status of the Education for Children with Autism in Cities---Taking Ningde City for Example

Xi-feng Chen, Yan-feng Chen
Autistic disorder is taking seriously gradually with a high disease incidence among children. Because there are more and more children with autism, people are not aware of its serious before and our education system is not suitable for those children , that makes the education present situation pessimistical...
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Exchange Rate Risk Sharing Contract with Risk-averse Firms

Yang Liu, Yong-kai MA, Hong Fu
In this paper, we consider a global supply chain model which includes a retailer and a manufacturer from different countries. We use a mean-variance model to study how the foreign exchange transaction exposure affects this global supply chain. Furthermore, we design a risk sharing contract to improve...
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A Culture Appears in Its Dialect-- Research about Eastern Fujian Dialect Cultural Linguistics

Jia Su, Wei-wei Guo, Ling-nan Zheng, Ying Zhuang, Xiang-bin Zhan, Xi-feng Chen
The Eastern Fujian dialect is an old dialect. Historic and cultural information that has been stored in the dialect is vanishing with age and population movement. Language is a special cultural phenomenon, for we can rebuild the essentials in the culture in revision and link theoretical approach to witness...
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A Review of Decentralized Assembly Systems

Hong Fu, Yong-kai MA, Yang Liu
This review classifies the existing studies on decentralized assembly systems into two branches. The first branch focuses on equilibrium decisions. The other branch pays attention to the coordination mechanism. This paper enables readers to get the knowledge of research status of decentralized assembly...
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Exchange rate’s effects on optimal strategy of assembly supply chain

Chao Chen, Yong-kai Ma
Based on an assembly supply cha¬in consisting of multiple complementary component suppliers and one manufac-turer, we study what effects does ex-change rate have on the decision-making and profit of the enterprises in the assem-bly supply chain through constructing a game model. The results show that...
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The Analysis of Characteristics of the Professional Development of Water Conservancy Class Teachers

Danping Liu, Danyan Chen, Jie Wu
The professional development of teachers in universities and colleges is the important content in teaching staff construction. This paper expounds the connotation of the professional development of the engineering and water conservancy class teachers and analyzes the characteristics of the professional...
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The Internal Cause and Formative Mechanism of Enterprise Crisis in the View of Organizational Inertia

Da Chi
The uncertainty of external environment and the complexity of internal elements are making modern enterprises faced with more crises which makes crisis management for enterprises more difficult. So far, the attention paid to internal causes of enterprise crisis is not enough, neither is the research...
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The Questionnaire Analysis on University Counselor Specialized Development

Jin Wang, Yu Zhu, Yuanyan Yang
This paper starts from the questionnaire on the specialized development of university counselor, which is to understand the needs of counselors in five aspects, such as specialization requirements, counselors’ own training needs, occupational psychology and adjustment, counselor competency standards...