Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management

The discussion about human resource management of small and medium con-struction enterprises

Ting Liu, Xiaojing Zhou
Corresponding author
human resource management, small and medium private construction enterprises, problem, countermeasure
"Human resources are the primary re-sources" is the most valuable resource for construction enterprises. Human resource development on productivity plays a de-cisive role in ensuring the implementation of its business strategy. With the further development of economic globalization, in an increasingly competitive environ-ment, talent is the core competitiveness of construction enterprises. Any construc-tion enterprises are inseparable from the excellent human resources management, especially for small and medium con-struction enterprises. Therefore, the es-tablishment, strengthening and improving human resource management and scien-tifically and rationally playing an active and creative is the fundamental way to grow and develop of small and medium construction enterprises.
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