Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Accounting, Management, Banking, Economic Security and Legal Regulation Research (BAMBEL 2021)

Session: Session 1: Business, Accounting, Management, Banking

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Revising the Prospects of Digitalization in the Context of Improving the Information Base for Mid-Term Budget Expenditures on Research and Development in Ukraine

Igor Yehorov, Yaroslav Kotlyarevskyy
The course towards digital transformation proclaimed by the Government of Ukraine encourages greater use of relevant indicators in management practice, in the formation and implementation of sectoral policies. In the context of digitalization, a number of documents have been adopted, including the updated...
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Financing of Infrastructure Projects as a Dominant of Banks’ Credit-Investment Activity with State’s Capital Participation

Anatolii Drobiazko, Dominique Menu
The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has negatively affected Ukraine’s economic development, with GDP declining by 4.0% in 2020. Despite the fact that banking sector has ensured the stability of settlement system and has not deepened the crisis, as it was in previous years, there is a need to intensify lending...
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The Use of a Process-Oriented Approach to the Profit Formation of Enterprises Engaged in Innovative Activities

Hanna Doroshenko, Oleksander Davydov
Modern economy with a high level of globalization and competition stimulates enterprises to establish new technology, business processes and tools of enterprise management, causes an increase in share of indirect costs in their full amount. Therefore, it is possible to manage profit through clear accounting...
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Business Planning Process Management in an Industrial Enterprise

Ganna Zadnieprovska
In today’s economic environment, the company needs to maintain and expand its position in the industry, in this regard, the transition to a process approach to management is one of the most important factors in the successful development of the company. It allows companies to optimize interactions between...
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Conceptual Fundamentals of the Labor Market Development in Ukraine in Terms of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dmitriy Babych, Svitlana Babych, Iryna Ternova
The article deals with the current trends in the labor market in Ukraine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a decline in demand for non-essential goods and products and limited mobility of human resources, which has slowed the pace of the manufacturing sector development. The structural...
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Circular Economy: Global Experience and Practical Aspects of Implementation in Ukraine

Yaroslav Kotlyarevskyy, Andriy Shtangret, Alexandr Melnikov
Further application of the ‘linear’ model of the economy with trends towards an increase in the world’s population and high rates of extraction of natural resources exacerbates the problem of human survival in the short term. The circular economy as a significantly different model is focused not only...
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Impact of Integration Process for Development of Economic Agents

Olha Kibik, Iuliia Khaiminova, Kateryna Belous
Global economy, national economic systems, regions and industries, business-structures have advantages, taking part in integration processes. The aim of the article is to study the influence of integration processes of different levels on the results of economic agent’s development. The dialectical method...
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Mechanisms of Currency Regulation of the National Economy in the Conditions of European Integration of Ukraine

Tetiana Kosova, Olha Tereshchenko, Larysa Tiesheva
The principles and directions of development of currency regulation in the conditions of its liberalization are determined. It is shown that the basis of the currency policy of the state is the regime of exchange rate formation. The positive consequences of Ukraine’s transition to flexible exchange rate...
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Practical Principles of Lean Management in Ukraine

Viktoriia Yevtushenko, Marina Kudinova, Viktoriia Liashevska
The purpose of the study is to summarize the applied experience of lean management in Ukrainian companies and compare it with the practices of foreign companies. The objects of the study were such companies as Starbucks (USA), Nike (USA), Philips (Netherlands), Volvo Cars (Sweden), Nova Poshta (Ukraine),...
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Bringing the Standards of Ukrainian Banking Legislation to EU Standards

Nadiia Doroshenko, Oleksandr Doroshenko, Vladyslav Melnychenko
The banking system is an integral component and destructive force of the state economy. The implementation of new ways and principles of conducting banking business is quite dynamic under the conditions of modern globalization processes. The reform of the banking system is directly accompanied by the...
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Formation of a Creative Environment for Decision-Making in Business Based on the Construction of Intelligence Maps Using Information Technology

Galyna Mozgova, Viktoriia Yevtushenko, Tetiana Shuba
The study is devoted to the study of the possibilities of using smart cards in order to form a creative environment for decision-making in business. It has been proven that creative thinking is one of the most important skills that help to make innovative, non-standard decisions. This leads to the need...