The proceedings of the 2nd Bakti Tunas Husada-Health Science International Conference (BTH-HSIC 2019)

The 2nd BTH BTH-Health Science International Conference (BTH-HSIC) is a continuation of The 1st International Seminar of Health Sciences (ISHS) Bakti Tunas Husada, which has been held since 2017 with purpose to promote and develop science in the health field. BTH-HSIC is a forum for academia, researches, lectures, educators, students, and profession. They share exchange ideas and latest information in this event about health sciences and its application i.e. pharmacy, nears, health analyst, optometry, and the relevant health sciences. This conference is an opportunity for general participants to upgrade their knowledge in the health field and expand their professionalism at work.

In The 2nd BTH-HSIC, there are five parallel sessions and four invite speakers from Malaysia, Philippine, and Indonesia. There are 109 papers presented in this conference, 69 to be presented orally and 40 papers by posters.

All the committee expressed their gratitude to the chairman of Sekolah Tinggi ilmu Kesehatan bakti Tunas Husada who supported this event from the preparation, implementation, and closing. We would also like to thank the authors who were willing to take part in this activity and submit articles for publication in the Atlantis press proceedings (WoS indexed) Furthermore, our deepest appreciation goes to all co-hosts (STFI, UBK, STIKes Al-Irsyad Cilacap, and Akper Serulingmas Cilacap)) for their assistance in this conference.

Gatut Ari Wardani, M.Sc.
Chairperson of the 2nd BTH-HSIC 2019