Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Communications, Information Management and Network Security

CIMNS 2016, the International Conference on Communications, Information Management and Network Security will be held on September 25-26, 2016, Shanghai, the most populous city in China. This book includes all the accepted papers presented at CIMNS 2016.

Nowadays, network technology and application play an increasingly important role in our life. Meanwhile, the network security cannot be neglect since network security has penetrated into all aspects of our lives and work.

With the progress of computer science and database technology, Communications and Information Management grow as a study hotpot and the application of Communications and Information Management has penetrated into all aspects of our lives and work. It makes our life much easier and allow companies to handle with cases efficiently. However, the network security cannot be neglected since the privacy of individuals and business secret of companies should be protected. Only then, whole society system can operate normally.

Although it is the first opening of CIMNS 2016, it has received support both in home and abroad. By the end of the submission, more than 300 authors have submitted their original papers with their different ideas and thoughts. All these submissions have gone through a below strict reviewing process before acceptance.

First of all, the submissions were divided into several chapters according to different topics. Secondly, all received submissions were double-blind reviewed with the reviewers and the authors keeping anonymous. Each paper was reviewed by at least 2 experienced and professional reviewers that were assigned by TPC chairs. Lastly, papers were accepted if without different opinion; those with different opinions would be reviewed again by the third reviewer. Accepted papers will still be revised by the contributors according to the reviewing reports.

After all the reviewing process, 90 papers have published in this book, at the acceptance rate of 27.6%. The whole book is divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter 1: Communications and Sensor Networks
Chapter 2: Information Management and Network Security
Chapter 3: Intelligence Algorithm and Data Mining
Chapter 4: Cloud Computing and Cloud Security

It is the joint efforts of the conference organizer and committee, devoted contributors and publication house that make the conference run smoothly. We would like to thank all the contributors and conference committees who have helped to make CIMNS 2016 a success. And we are also thankful to Atlantis Press. We hope that all our participants will benefit from the conference. Finally we are looking forward to cooperate with those outstanding people in future.

CIMNS 2016 Committees