Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Educational Management and Administration (CoEMA 2017)

The international conference held by the Educational Administration Department, Faculty of Education State University of Malang in 2017 is the second of a series. The first International Conference on Management and Education Administration (CoEMA 2016) was held at Makassar State University on 15-17 April 2016 with the theme “The Challenges of Educational Management and Administration in Competitive Environment”. The continuity of this series of activities will act as hope and spirit of future activities in the upcoming year.

The 2nd International Conference on Educational Management and Administration (CoEMA 2017) will be held in Malang, Indonesia on 25-26 August 2017 on the theme of “The Challenges of Education Management and Administration in Global and Local Education”. Completing the activity, 65 papers have been submitted to the committee. The papers were reviewed by two reviewers. Each paper was double blind reviewed, and finally 54 papers have been selected for publication.

Organizations involved in this international conference are the Faculty of Education State University of Malang Indonesia; Prince of Songkla University, Thailand; Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Malaysia; Mindanao State University, Philippine; and Ikatan Sarjana Manajemen/Administrasi Pendidikan Indonesia (ISMAPI).

The Organizing Committee
Malang, August 25, 2017

Foreword of the Dean

Education is the main factor which determines the nation’s development. It is necessary to improve the quality of education continoustly in order to build the nation successfully. There are many techniques to improve the quality of education, including research, teaching and learning, seminars, conferences, or other scientific activity programs.

Based on the rational, the international conference is held with the theme “The Challenges of Educational Management and Administration in Global and Local Era”. The purpose of this conference is to share our ideas and strategies to improve education system. This conference also facilitates the principals, lecturers, teachers, students, or all who pay atention to education, to express and share their ideas through writing and presenting articles of the conferences about how to improve the quality of education. Many policies are being taken by the government in some countries, in order to improve the quality of education, but its implementation in the field is still a big problem. Therefore, through this international conference, it is expected to improve understanding towards existing educational practices, and produce new ideas which can encourage the improvement of education quality. In addition, this international conference will provide opportunities for the researchers and the practitioners to deliver their ideas and research results.

The conference is held for two days, from 25-26 August, 2017 in Malang, Indonesia. The conference involves keynote speakers from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, and Indonesia, and the participants from practicioners, researchers, principals, supervisors, teachers, lecturers and students form some countries. We, representing Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Malang, appreciate all the presenters, participants, and audiences, specially the keynote speakers, the reviewers, the chairman of the event, the committee and the crews, vice deans, head of departments at faculty of education, and all the rest that I can not mention one by one who highly participate in the conference.

Well, from the conference, We hope all the presenters, participants, and audiences will enjoy it. We hope this conference is useful for all, especially to develop quality of education including the educational management. That is all our program for this time, please accept our apologies when we made mistakes, and thank you for the participation and attention.

The Dean
Bambang Budi Wiyono

Preface of the Rector

On behalf of the Academic Official of State University of Malang (Universitas Negeri Malang), we are delighted to have you, all the participants and presenters, here to participate and share in the International Conference on Educational Management and Administration 2017 (CoEMA 2017) hosted and administered by the Department of Educational Administration, Faculty of Education.

As the Rector of the State University of Malang, I would like to emphasize several things regarding the Visions and Missions of us, the State University of Malang, as an Education Institution that actively contributes to the development of Education and the improvement of the Nation’s Intelligence. As a part of Ministery of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, the sState University of Malang conveys our vision to be a qualified university and to become the university of reference in implementing three pillars of higher education, commonly known as Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi.

In terms of academic, the State University of Malang actively contributes to the productivity of the academic field. All the research conducted by the lecturers and students, including Sarjana’s thesis, Master Thesis, and Dissertation are expected to be published and indexed in reputable international journals or or presented at International Conferences. Furthermore, the State University of Malang positively believes that the number of funded research and published journal among the lecturers in accredited and reputable journal, national or international is increasing as well as the presented papers in the reputable scientific conferences like CoEMA 2017. One way to accomplish the goal to improve the number of published paper among the lecturers of State University of Malang is by conducting international seminars and conferences, or by sending the lecturers to attend the conference and seminar in several countries. The CoEMA 2017 is one of the attempts to realize that goal. It performs as a channel for the students, lecturers, researchers, teachers, principals, and practitioners in presenting their research and papers.

Thus, I personally thank and would like to give my deepest gratitude for all society of academicians who participate in the conference. In addition, I sincerely thank all parties that involved in the preparation of the second CoEMA 2017, particularly the great committee behind this great conference which dedicates their time and loyalty to prepare this conference perfectly.

The Rector
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rofiuddin
NIP 196203031985031002
August, 2017