Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Economic Research and Management Innovation (ERMI 2021)

The year 2020 was a very unusual year. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic put the whole world under the shadow. Although governments around the world took active and effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of the people, the epidemic spread far beyond imagination. So far, there have been more than 100 million people infected with COVID-19 across the world and more than 400,000 people died. This is a major health disaster in human history.

In this case, international academic exchanges, especially academic conferences, have been seriously affected. Many academic conferences have been forced to stop. As the organizer of the ERMI conference, how to achieve academic exchange while ensuring the health of participants and preventing the spread of the epidemic has become a realistic issue. Considering that the COIVD-19 epidemic will not end in a short time, it is not the best choice to postpone the conference. Therefore, we have to decide to hold ERMI conference online rather than face-to-face. With the help of network technology, ERMI is held in a video presentation way. Although the conference mode is changed, the participants communicate with each other with high enthusiasm. The whole conference is highly praised with good communication effect. We have achieved desired the purpose and expectation.

The ERMI conference is held on January 31, 2021, in a video presentation mode. With the emphasis on new technologies, applications and ideas in the fields of economics, business and management, this conference promote the sharing and communication of results so as to strengthen the exchanges in technologies, break communication barriers and promote the development of technology and knowledge. ERMI enjoys high attention from scholars. We have received 65 submissions from countries including Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. A total of 32 articles are accepted after strict peer-review. The authors whose articles are accepted are required to prepare a 15-minute video to introduce and share their research findings. All videos are uploaded to a web server and exist for a long time. Participants can watch these videos at any time, interact with the authors and ask questions via email. By doing so, not only breaks the limitation of place and time, but also exchanges research findings. More importantly, it prevents the spread of COVID-19 and ensures the health and safety of the participants. All accepted articles comply with international publishing guidelines and will be published by Atlantis Press.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Ciurea Maria for her selfless help. We would also like to thank all members of the organizing committee for their efforts in organizing this conference. Thanks to all the peer reviewers for their hard work in controlling the quality of the articles. It is expected that the results of the conference will inspire and help scholars in the field of economics and management. ERMI 2022 conference is under active preparation and we look forward to your continued participation in sharing your important findings.

The conference committee