Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management

Ever since the beginning of human history, education, which appeared as the way adopted by people to pass on his history and life experience, has accompanied us. Through the long time we had together, education has definitely served the human race well. When the information era starts dawning, people only find this process become more and more important.

Science advances at an amazing pace; information in every fields explodes and updates daily. Through education, the new generation, instead of discovering all necessary things by themselves, can devour these knowledges directly and make their own valuable achievements. Thus, the world is given the chance of becoming a more advanced and developed home for humans.

Education theories, like those in any other academic fields, are also progressing and updating constantly; educationalists never stop innovating. To offer those who have first-hand and inspiring research outcomes to share a high qualified platform, we organized this international conference on Education Reform and Modern Management (ERMM 2014).

ERMM 2014, thanks to the careful preparation of the committee, will be held in Phuket, Thailand on January 11 and 12, 2014.

For this convention, quite a number of research papers have been contributed by excellent authors, and all of them are included here for the benefit of researchers of similar interest.These papers can be mainly covered by these subjects: teaching theory, education reform, cognitive psychology, management psychonoly and management theory.

I believe that it is a privilege not only to us committee but also to all the participants of this conference that Atlantis Press, Paris, France, will publish all the papers for ERMM 2014. We would like to express our acknowlegement to the Atlantis Press here.

My gratitude also goes to all the authors of the papers presented in the conference, the keynote speakers, all participants for their input to the success of this scientific event. Without them, this scientific feast will not be possible..

Finally, we sincerely hope the outcomes we presented here will meet the demand of other researchers who have been working on the similar subjects and be valuable to their research.

P. Shaw
Advanced Science and Industry Research Center
Hong Kong