Proceedings of the 8th conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT-13)

EUSFLAT is the biannual conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology. Its 8th edition takes place on September 11-13, 2013 at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy.

The aim of the conference is to bring together theoreticians and practitioners working on fuzzy logic, fuzzy systems, soft computing and related areas. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among scientists, engineers and students.

EUSFLAT 2013 received a total of 152 submissions. Most papers were reviewed by three reviewers. Papers submitted to the eleven special sessions were peer-reviewed based on the same criteria used for regular papers, and decision on acceptance has been taken in accordance with session organizers. Based on the outcome of the review process and recommendations of special session organizers, 125 papers were accepted for inclusion in the conference program.

The EUSFLAT 2013 program was further enriched by three keynote lecturers: Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, “Interpretability, a silver lining to a fuzzy cloud”; Humberto Bustince, “Image Processing and Classification using Extensions of Fuzzy Sets. First Successes”; and Antonio di Nola, “On generalizing the Nullstellensatz and McNaughton’s Theorem for MV algebras”. Our warm thanks go to the speakers who kindly accepted to share their expertise with the attendees.

EUSFLAT 2013 would not have been successful without the support of many people and organizations. We wish to thank the members of the EUSFLAT Board for their invaluable support throughout the organization process. We are very grateful to the PC members, to all the session organizers and to all the external reviewers for their precious support in providing a rigorous reviewing process and a rich scientific program. We are also grateful to Silvia Calegari and Emanuele Panzeri who effectively helped in the organisation process. Last but not least, we thank the institutions that hosted and supported the organization of the conference, and the conference sponsors: the University of Milano-Bicocca, the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication, and the Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

Gabriella Pasi
Javier Montero
Davide Ciucci
Proceedings Editors of EUSFLAT 2013