Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Electronics Information (ICACSEI 2013)

The Research on Classifying Denitrification Electricity Price Based on Method of Operating Period Electricity Price and DEA

Jian guo Zhou, Xiao dan Pan, Lin Meng
Corresponding author
DEA, the method of operating period electricity price, classifying denitrification electricity price.
In this paper, a vision of classifying denitrification electricity price of various denitrification unit based on different relative efficiency of denitrification is put forward. First of all, take 46 denitrification unit sample of randomly selected nationwide to be the calculation object, using the method of operating period electricity price to calculate denitrification electricity price of each sample; and then regarding total costs (operating costs + financial expenses + depreciation expense) of each denitrification unit as inputs, removal amount as output, use DEA to calculate the relative efficiency of each sample project; finally, according to the calculated relative efficiency use cluster analysis to classify denitrification sample, so as to determine the classified denitrification electricity price. Classifying the denitrification unit based on the relative efficiency is the beneficial trial of denitrification electricity price classification pricing, and this classification will help to solve denitrification electricity price compensation going "inequality", also it is of great significance to enhance denitrification efficiency.
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