Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Electronics Information (ICACSEI 2013)

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A Fault Propagation Model of Embedded Systems Based on Fault Association

Qing Hua Gao, Chang zhen Hu, Kun sheng Wang, Huai Zhi Yan
According to the characteristics of the hardware associated with software in embedded systems, this paper defined a new Fuzzy Petri Nets, and presented a model of embedded systems based on the Fuzzy Petri Nets according to the new definition. Finally, an example showed the specific modeling method and...
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New Forgery Attack on Chang et al.'s signature scheme

Li Kou, Ming Jin
Chang proposed one new digital signature scheme with message recovery and claimed the scheme is secure without using one-way hash function and message recovery.Two forgery attacks have been proposed to show that attackers who have a valid signature can forge signatures that can be verified validly on...
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Solutions for a Class of the higherDiophantine equation

Yin xia Ran
We studied the Diophantine equation x2+4n=y9. By using the elementary method and algebaic number theroy, we obtain the following concusions: (i) Let X be an odd number, one necessary condition which the equation has integer solutions is that 28n-1/3 contains some square factors. (ii) Let X be an even...
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Design and research of Wind powergenerati on power controller

Zhi jie Tang, Ping long Liu, Jia li Shen, Jun Luo
Wind energy is a kind of inexhaustible and clean renewable energy. Wind power system has some characters of simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy management, which gets a lot of attention. This paper analyses the composition and the principle of wind power system. Based on variable speed...
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Cryptanalysis of an Implementation of TTM Cryptosystems Based on Q2k -module

Hong wei Tao
TTM cryptosystems proposed by T.Moh are very fast due to the properties of tame automorphisms and small finite fields. The success of the first implementation of this system relies on the construction of Q8-module. Unfortunately, Jintai Ding and Timonthy Hodges have defeated it by decomposing function...
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A new method of DEM drainage extraction based on geoprocessing service

Heng ling Huang, Qun yong Wu
DEM-based drainage extraction is a hot spot in digital hydrology research. This paper has analyzed the method of drainage extraction based on DEM, used Hydrology tools in ArcGIS software to build the model of drainage extraction and published the model to geoprocessing service. Taking Jiulong River basin...
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Gaussian Mixture Noise Improving Nonlinear Multiple Signal Detection

You guo Wang, Huan Li, Qiu yun Hu
Based on a nonlinear signal detector, stochastic resonance (SR) of noise-improved multiple signal detection is discussed for Gaussian mixture noise with different parameters. Signal transits from supra-threshold to sub-threshold when the threshold of the nonlinear signal detector is raised and noise...
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The Non-Uniform Grid in the FDTD Modeling of the Earthing Conductor in the Transient Grounding resistance Analysis

Jian Hong Xu, Yun Fei Mao, Jian Chen
The grounding system plays an important part in the lightning protection system of power and communication systems. The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method is widely used in modeling complex electromagnetic interaction problems. However, it is difficult to model the earthing conductor using the...
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The Construction of Smart City Based on SoS

Han hua Lu, Fei Guo, Feng Huang, Ren de Chen
Because of its promotion in social development, Information Communication Technology (ICT) is drawing attention globally. As a result, the development of Smart City in our country is coming to the forefront. Correctly understanding the essence of Smart City is crucial for its development. In this paper,...
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The Optimal Stopping Method for Search Engine Returning Trustworthy Results

Jing jing Huang, Guo sun Zeng
The search engine generally returns a large number of results corresponding to a given query, making it more difficult for users to get the information they really look for. This paper gives a research on the optimal stopping method for search engine returning trustworthy results: firstly, it describes...
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Fluid-dynamic-based Three-dimensional Space Smoke Rendering Method

Ping Zhang, Jie Xiao, Hong hui Li
Based the theory of fluid dynamics, an efficient method is proposed for rendering smoke movement in three-dimensional space. Real-time rendering of smoke movement is implemented with coarse grid and larger time interval by solving Navier-Stokes equations. Experimental results show that the method is...
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Observation on Scientific Development of Our Forest Product Trade from Viewpoints of Trade Dilemma

Xuan deng Xue, Cong cong Lan
The forest product trade is a very important part in the foreign trade.Under the current situation of increasingly fierce world trade competition and worse trade barriers, the promotion of the scientific development of foreign trade of forest products is an objective requirement of practising the scientific...
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An Anomaly Detection Method for Spacecraft Using ICA Technology

Bing lin Xu, Zhan huai Li
Anomalies, outlier and fault means that the received data do not fit the common pattern, and may often be occur in spacecraft missions because of the high complexity and rugged operating environment of spacecraft. In order to reveal the potential faults or anomalies many methods and technology have been...
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Study on Acquisition System of Diversification Heartbeat Information based on Body Sensor Network

Jun rong Bao, Wen feng Li, Bi zhen Lian, Jian Li, Yan hong Ge, Jia gen Jin
Heartbeat information and motion parameters have a close relationship with human’s health and emotion. The feasibility of acquisition heartbeat information associated with emotional states based on body sensor network is a hot research topic. In this paper, we investigate four kinds of method to collect...
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An Investigation of Range-velocity Deception Jamming Modeling

Ying Xiong, Hai yan Gu, Bin Tang, Yong qiang Zhang
This paper explores the modeling method of range-velocity deception jamming, which can deceive the victim radar on range and velocity information simultaneously. By analysis of the producing mechanism, maneuvering strategies and pulling rules of this jamming, the basic mathematical models are established...
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A New Method for Cloud Data Reduction Using Uniform Grids

San yuan Zhao, Fen xia Li, Yong mei Liu, Yong hui Rao
Due to the continuous development of 3D scanning technology, the point cloud data is becoming more and more redundant. Storing or handling these data will consume a lot of time and computer resources. In this paper, a method for cloud data reduction based on 3D Grids is proposed. It includes searching...
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Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems United Constrained Model Construction and Application

You ping Gong, Guo jin Chen, Zhi hua Li
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics at the micron-scale or even at nano-scale through micro fabrication technology, which involves the mechanical, electronic, fluid, thermal, optical, magnetic and other disciplines, how...
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Study on the Management Certification and the Process Management of the Carbon Sequestration and Utilization

Hui Ma
With the attention paid to the management of carbon emission, the technology of carbon sequestration and utilization has become hot technologies and integrated disciplines. In addition to technical issues, risks and effectives are concerned. On the basis of CCUS exploring, drawing the references from...
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Design and Implementation of Network Time-Frequency Test System

Rui qiong Chen, Ya Liu, Ye Ren, Xiao hui Li
As a key technology of the measurement of precise time-frequency signal, network test is one of the important directions of development of the test system. By means of putting the measurement equipment under remote control via Internet, the network test system provides anytime and anywhere monitoring...
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Towards the Independent Spanning Trees in Conditional BC Networks

Bao lei Cheng, Jian xi Fan, Shu kui Zhang, Yan Wang, Xi Wang, Wen jun Liu
Independent spanning trees (ISTs for short) in networks have applications such as reliable communication protocols, the multi-node broadcasting, one-to-all broadcasting, reliable broadcasting, and secure message distribution. However, it is an open problem whether there are ISTs rooted at any node in...
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The Time-Frequency Characters Analysis Of The Snoring Signal

Yin hong Zhang, Quan lu Li, Jing Wu, Jin Li
The snoring is a typical inspiratory sound appearing during sleep. It is an important characters of upper airway obstruction. The severe snoring sound leads to the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome during persistent ventilatory movements and it can result in cessation of breathing. This paper presents...
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A Component-based Software Development Method Combined with Enterprise Architecture

Yi Luo, Chan le Wu, Lei Huang, Gang Ye
It’s very important to ensure the unity of software architecture and business goal in application software development. This paper presents a new software development method based on enterprise architecture, describes the process of building enterprise IT architecture and transformation enterprise IT...
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Global Synchronization Analysis For Complex Networks With Coupling Delay

Jin fang Zhang, Yuan hua Qiao, Jun Miao, Li juan Duan
Global synchronization analysis for complex networks with coupling delay is investigated in this paper. The delay considered in this paper is constant. Sufficient conditions depending on the time delay are given based on Lyapunov functional, linear matrix inequality and Kronecker product technique. The...
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Investigation On Space-Time Signal Processing Technology Based On Data Channelization

Chun Hua Yang, Zhen Lin Tu
High accuracy of parameter estimation and real-time processing is difficult in electronic support management signal processing with low SNR(Signal -Noise-Ratio). Traditional algorithms can be only effective for high SNR. In this work, classical spatial spectrum estimation is integrated with data channelization...
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Application of LS-SVM in fault Diagnosis for Diesel Generator Set of Marine Power Station

Li wei Chen, Huan Liu
In this paper support vector machine (SVM) algorithm being discussed, then discussed least squares support vector machine(LS-SVM) algorithm, at the same time, the applications of SVM in the fault diagnosis of turbocharger system for diesel generator set of marine power station being discussed, the least...
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OFDM Channel Estimation Algorithm Research and Simulation in Tunnel Environment

Ting Wang, Ming Lv
Least square (LS) algorithm based on least square criterion has poor estimation performance under low signal to noise ratio, if we directly use this method in tunnel environment, it will lead to larger estimation error. Considering the defects of the LS algorithm, this paper propose an improved LS channel...
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A hierarchical orderly layout algorithm based on channel points

Yi kun Zhang, Kai bao Hu, Xin hong Hei, Ming Zhao, Ming hui Zhang, Hao Chen
Since the conventional hierarchical layout algorithm has the disadvantage of wiring chaos in large programs, so on the basis of Sugiyama layout algorithm, this paper proposes a hierarchical orderly layout algorithm based on channel points. Adjust the number of each node in the channel dynamically according...
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The Relation Research of Data Quality to Decision Quality and Results in Emergency Decision-making

Sheng li Pan, Jun Tian
The data and information usually are inaccurate in emergency decision, which influence decision results and quality. The paper aims explore how to determine relation of data quality to decision results and quality in emergency decision-making. The paper methods apply Bayes decision, involve prior and...
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Research of Meteorological Facsimile Map Vectorization Algorithm

Ling ling Feng, Guo qing Qi
An algorithm for extracting information from meteorological facsimile maps and transform the map into vector format is proposed. The algorithm contains two parts. The first one is annotation information extraction method based on the regular pattern of position and angle, the second part is isobars vectorization...
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Design and implementation of Wavelet Transform using Adaptive Genetic Algorithms and Analog filters

Mu Li, Yi gang He, Yang liang Ou, Jun nian Wang
This paper presents a low power and low-voltage analog switched-current (SI) filters implementation of wavelet transform (WT) for real-time requirements in signal processing. First, an adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA) is used to calculate the transfer function of the filters, whose impulse response is...
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Research on Fuzzy Guidance Law for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Hui Wang, Zuo yu Guan, Li jun Yu, Bo bo Zhang
The UAV guidance in combating airspace need to make UAV close to the target and complete air strikes, which need to receive all necessary data and information and use these parameters to achieve the UAV guidance. For processing the problems that are irregular and complex, this paper presents a new guidance...
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Design Fuzzy Controller Based on Function Self-tuning

Hui Wang, Bo bo Zhang, Li jun Yu, Zuo yu Guan
Fuzzy Control is one of important and effective way in intelligent control, with its unique fuzzy theory, summed control rules directly from the experiences of control, opened up new avenues for the time-lag systems. In order to make the fuzzy control system can maintain a rapid and efficient control,...
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An Algorithm of Selecting more than Four Satellites from GNSS

Dan Song, Peng fei Zhang, Guo chao Fan, Cheng dong Xu
By analyzing the relationship between the GDOP value and the area of the polygon formed with the endpoints of the satellite-receiver unit vectors in 2-D, the optimal satellite-receiver geometry (SRG) and the minimum GDOP value of n satellites( ) in 3-D were deduced in this paper. Based on the minimum...
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Automated Counting and Identification of Cell Colonies Based on Distance Transform and Progressive Erosion

Zhi feng Hu
In this paper, a novel algorithm is proposed to facilitate the automated counting and identification of cell colonies in a Petri dish. In order to detect all the individual colonies, the original Petri dish image is converted to a black white version, after which a distance transform is carried out to...
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Central-Type Fusion-based Methods for Degraded Image Understanding

Cui Zhang, Xiu jun Zhang, Sheng ying Zhao, Li na Shang, Kai Xiong
Information fusion in target recognition is widely used, and application of information fusion in image field is developing continuously. When the degraded image is acquired, we often use the clearness algorithm to enhance image quality, Then the image of the target is identified, due to the lack of...
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Error Signal Difference Based Variable Step Size LMS Algorithm

Min Zhang, Bao qi Huang, Li qian Wang
A variable step size Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm based on the difference of the error signal (ESD-VSS) is proposed. The convergence and steady state behavior of the ESD-VSS is analyzed and the key parameters are given. Simulations are conducted and the results show that, compared with the Modified...
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Hot Data Detector based High-Performance NAND and PRAM Hybrid Storage

Yu Zhang, Yi zhi Wu, De min Li, Hai xiao Shan
The high-performance and low cost NAND Flash and PRAM (Phase-changed RAM) hybrid storage designs have been proposed for embedded systems. However, the system is still suffering from serious performance degradation for continuous write/read operations in the same logical address frequently due to physical...
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Research on Heterogeneous Data Integration Technology for Personal Public Utility Bills Management Platform

Jia yun Pan, Ying hua Xie, Zhuan Song
At present public utility bills systems are independent of each other and data in these systems are heterogeneous. In view of this issue, this paper combines the middleware and Web Service technology to come up with an integrated management platform to integrate heterogeneous data and query public utility...
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A Key Management and Public Auditing Scheme for Outsourced Data

Chang sheng Wan, Juan Zhang, Lin Zhou, Zhong yuan Qin
Public auditing has vital significance in cloud computing. However, current auditing scheme are costly. This paper brings out an AAA based public auditing architecture for cloud computing, which is much more efficient than current schemes.
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Key Frame Extraction Towards Kernel-SIFT Identification

Zhen yu Wu, Rui qing Wu, Hong yang Yu, Bin Tang
Key frame detection is a fundamental technique in video retrieving and video summarizing. In this paper, an effective and efficient content-based key-frame detection method is proposed. This method is based on content analysis and features detection from key frames. There are two main contributions in...
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Infrastructure Communication Reliability for WSN on Sink-manycast and Sink-anycast Model

Chun yu Miao, Li na Chen
We consider the problem of the infrastructure communication reliability (ICR) of wireless sensor networks (WSN) on sink-manycast and sink-anycast model. We formulate ICR metrics for WSN with hierarchical clustered topology base on an reduced ordered binary decision diagrams (ROBDD) approach. Furthermore,...
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Wireless Remote Data Transmission Technology be Used in the Grating Demodulation Instrument

Xian wei Meng, Zhuo jing Yang, Qing Zhang, Yan xin Shi, Xiao fei Zhang
According to the property of GPRS network transmission, wireless remote data transmission technology is applied to the monitoring data of fiber Bragg grating, through the GPRS network to transmit the FBG monitoring data to data monitoring center, in the numerical control center can understand the monitoring...
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The Transitive-Closures of Matrices over Idempotent Semirings and its Applications

Zhixi Wang, Yana Wang, Yong He, Binliang Hu
The Algebraic Path Problem is an important issue with a broad background. Consider the problem to solve the algebraic path problem can be concluded to find the Kleene closure of the adjacency matrix, an algorithm of time complexity to find the transitive_closure of matrices over idempotent semiring is...
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A Small Ultra-Wideband Folded Half E-shaped patch antenna

Zhi wei Shi, Si wei Xie, Yu shan Pan
A novel fourth wavelength folded Ultra-wideband microstrip antenna is presented in this paper. This patch antenna is combined half structure technique and folded patch technique to create a Ultra-wide impedance broadband patch antenna with small geometric size. It is employed the same parameters as the...
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A Modified Staged Continuous Tabu Search Algorithm

Feng chen Wang, Rong hua Ji, Li jun Qi, Wan lin Gao
Based on the staged continuous tabu search (SCTS) algorithm, a modified staged continuous tabu search (MSCTS) algorithm is proposed in this paper to improve the convergence, speed and robustness of tabu search (TS) algorithm. The improvements focus on the selection method of the neighborhoods in MSCTS...
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A New Large Family of Binary Sequences with Large Linear Span and Low Correlation

Jun Chen, Yun Chen
Let n, m and r be three positive integers such that n = 2m and gcd(r, 2m - 1) = 1, a new family S(r) of 25n/2 binary sequences of period 2n - 1 is proposed. The presented family takes 7-valued out-of-phase atuo- and cross-correlation values -2n/2 - 1, -1, 2n/2 - 1, 2.2n/2 - 1, 3.2n/2 - 1, 4.2n/2 - 1...
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The Analysis of Total User Experience for B2C Mobile Shopping

Su dong Jiang, Cong cong Chen, Xiao Li
The B2C mobile shopping has become the highlight of the development of mobile e-commerce gradually, user experience is becoming increasingly important. Firstly, according to the "2012 of Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" published by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, 10 typical...
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Energy-efficient clustering routing algorithm for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

Si qing Li
Energy heterogeneity is ubiquitous in wireless sensor networks. Because of nodes’ initial energy of multi-level energy heterogeneity in wireless sensor networks distributing within a certain scope randomly, this paper proposed an Energy-efficient clustering routing algorithm which is suit to the heterogeneous...
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Markerless Registration Based on Natural Features Tracking for Augmented Reality

Zi liang Jiao
In augmented reality system, registration is always a problem which is difficult to resolve effectively, especially for marker less registration. Due to the placed marks for marked visual registration method, it would cause visual pollution, and the registration often fails when the mark is partially...
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Optical Polarization Errors in Sagnac Fiber Optic Current Sensor

Li hui Wang, Jian Sun, Jian fei Ji, Sheng bao Xu
Sagnac fiber optic current sensor(S-FOCS) is a kind of precision instrument based on optical polarization and optical interference theory. There are several kinds of error characteristics from optical components in S-FOCS, including polarizer, integrated optical chip, quarter-wave retarder, sensing head...