Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Electronics Information (ICACSEI 2013)

Research of corporate ERP performance evaluation model based on system dynamics

Ling Wei, Wei xi Zhang
Corresponding author
System dynamics, dynamic balanced scorecard, performance management evaluation, ERP implementation, Soft of VENSIM
With the rapid development of the global information technology and the widespread application, enterprises put higher forward requirements on the implementation of ERP performance management. In order to solve the problem that majority of enterprises performance evaluation system of ERP attach importance to financial index system, light the future value creation, pay attention to performance of tangible assets, light intangible assets value of light, think highly of result, light process and other issues, this paper absorb and digest theoretical research about the Balanced Scorecard combined with system dynamics. In view of these, this paper aims to provide a dynamic balanced scorecard based on the performance evaluation model of ERP implementation. Then, for enterprises implemented ERP as an example, this paper establishes the dynamic model of ERP performance evaluation, which uses Vensim software and combines the status of enterprises. Also, this thesis mainly put this dynamic model into empirical analysis. Finally, according to the empirical analysis, we can draw the conclusion that the system dynamics not only can effectively make up for the lack of balance score card, such as the time lag and lack of system feedback, but also can prove the effectiveness of information dynamic evaluation model, which can provide support and reference for decision-making and performance management, avoiding subjective thinking defect of managers.
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