Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Electronics Information (ICACSEI 2013)

Imaging Algorithm of Missile-borne SAR in Diving and Squint Mode

Zhen Wang, Xiao dong He, Bin Tang
Corresponding author
Missile-borne SAR, diving and squint mode, RCMC, series reversion.
In this paper, we propose an imaging algorithm of missile-borne SAR in diving and squint mode. The diving acceleration, vertical speed, and squint angle caused a large range cell migration (RCM). The algorithm divides the RCM correction (RCMC) into two steps. Firstly, correcting the main part of range walk in time domain. Secondly, correcting the remaining RCMC in range frequency-azimuth Doppler frequency domain, using an analytical form of the signal 2-D spectrum derived by the method of series reversion. Theoretical analysis and simulation results illustrate its validity, and satisfy the imaging quality of missile-borne SAR in high squint model.
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