Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Automated Fiber Placement Approach over Open-contoured Sculptured Surface

Shuyun Meng, Xiulan Wen, Hanzhong Liu, Youxiong Xu
Corresponding author
Shuyun Meng
sculptured surface; fiber placement;a family of wraps
By using the characteristic of tows and the core module surface, also including the demand of fiber placement, a family of wraps as fiber placement reference curves are presented based on equidistant calculation. A new algorithm for fiber placement of open contoured sculptured surface is proposed. Combined with the placement direction and the motion control parameter of the fiber placement head, a series of discrete placement points are obtained by projection using differential geometry theory. This algorithm can be applied in a variety of surface with equation description. The simulation shows that the algorithm is feasible and effective.
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