Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Study on Photodynamic Therapy Instrument Based on Photonic Crystals

Ping Li, Lanlan Zhang, Mengli Xu, Ting Fan, Gaofeng Liang
Corresponding author
Ping Li
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photonic crystal, transmission matrix, photodynamic therapy instrument, photodynamic therapy
The forefront of photonic crystal theory is applied in this paper to solve such technical difficulties as low color purity, unsatisfactory effect of deep treatment that are commonly seen in photodynamic therapy instruments. By using the transfer matrix method, band gap property of photonic crystals is analyzed through Matlab programming, so as to select appropriate photonic crystal materials and to determine its structural parameters. Research shows that the newly designed photonic crystal structure boasts of good filtering characteristics, allowing only the pass-through of 980nm near infrared light, which has therapeutic effect on liver cancer, gastric cancer and other visceral organ cancers. The photonic crystal filter designed can be used on ordinary photodynamic therapy instrument, and greatly improve its cancer treatment.
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