Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Reliability Research of ZnO Based Nano Functional Devices Embedded in the Human Body

Shentong Mo, Boyu Chen, Qiang Zou
Corresponding author
Shentong Mo
ZnO, Nano, Embedded Devices, Reliability, Albumin
This paper researches the stability problem of structures of embedded ZnO nanodevices and properties under the environment of human serum albumin. The study simulaties human environment by putting the ZnO nanodevices into human serum albumin, imitates the human body environment of 37 , and researches the Reaction process and mechanism between the micro-nano structures of embedded ZnO nanodevices and human serum albumin polymer materials. This study will have a great significance in application and reliability performance analysis of embedded nanodevices.
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