Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Mold-filling and Solidification Simulation of Grey Iron in Lost-Foam Casting

Mingguo Xie, Changan Zhu, Jianxin Zhou
Corresponding author
Mingguo Xie
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Grey cast iron, Lost foam casting, Simulation
According to characteristic of Lost Foam Casting (LFC) processes and considering the metal flow pattern decomposition gas pressure impediment, interface elapse model is established base on gap pressure as boundary of front of melt flow. Corresponding numerical solution method is applied to simulate filling and solidification process of LFC. To verify the validity of the model, basic test model is introduced and compared the simulation results between LFC and general gravity sand casting. Finally, practical casting design of grey iron in LFC is given. The application shows that the proposed models could effectively predict the possible defect, and provide useful guidance for designer to optimize casting process solutions to directly improve the actual production.
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