Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Simulation Method of Hydraulic Confined Piston Engine

Yuqin Jiao, Hongxin Zhang, Wei Xu
Corresponding author
Yuqin Jiao
Hydraulic, Engine, Structure, Simulation method
Hydraulic Confined Piston Engine (HCPE) is a new type power device especially suitable for hydrostatic driving vehicle. Its working process is influenced by complex coupling of liquid, solid and gas. Its working process simulation is the basis of later performance evaluation and design optimization. The structural principle of HCPE is described. The iteration method with stationary point is defined, and its whole operation process is discussed by way of output pressure computation as an example. Through simulation, the fluctuation of the angular speed of crankshaft coincides with the working process; the water pressure in cylinder has great instantaneous pulsation and phase step as outlet valve opening and inlet valve closing.
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